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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Erotica · #2238971
Just a fun little ditty I threw together one night about sex and lots of other stuff.
I’ll be day

And you be night

You’re a sight

In that dress so tight

When we get it right

I will bite

Your shoulder and neck

Make you so wet

Like dynamite

We'll take flight

High as a kite

In the pale moonlight

Way up in space

Face to face

Sweet embrace

Second base

Such delicate lace

The lightest touch

But not too much

Too much for me


Minutes is fast

First comes last

I'll be back in the saddle

Up the creek without a paddle

But it's OK

Next time all-day

Bit off more than I can chew

Better talker than a screw

My point of view

Long overdue

Like my debut

Me and you


Sex guru

You'll come to

I'll be back

Get you in the sack

Balls will be black

And blue from you

It's taboo

She knows Kung-fu

And Jujitsu

It's my thing too

Into action, I will spring

Fighting in the ring

No bee sting

Anywhere anything

To the table, I will bring

A sexy song I will sing

Buy you some bling


Just married drive away

Tin can melee

Consummate all-day

And into the night

Until first light

Kiss kiss the bride

Together till we died

When we die we'll be dead

Dead together in bed

With a smile on our faces

Few teeth, but no braces

Buried in the same places

All we leave behind are traces

Just our basic elements

Such strange developments

Becoming gas and sediments

The end...literally
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