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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2238997
When a dream is not what it seems.

I heard a noise. A noise that I am sure my neighbors would have heard as well. It remained dark and I saw no lights and heard only what sounded like an airplane landing. I sat up from my pillow and turned on the lamp on my nightstand. I saw before me a tall, abnormally slender figure. "Who are you? What are you doing here?"
A moment of fear and curiosity blended with the urge to run streaked through my soul and I trembled from the inside. The figure now spoke in a human type voice as it reached out to me. "You are not welcome here."
"What do you mean I am not welcome here? This is my home, and you need to leave before I call the police!" I thought about my Rugar Security 9 that I foolishly left in my desk draw when I returned from the range earlier that day.
"There is no time to explain. We must get you home now. Come with me and you will understand when we arrive on planet Zanarian." The figure lifted his hand, and I felt my body rise from the bed.
"Planet what? Let me go!" The figure continued to carry me and release me once I was inside the craft.
I woke up and looked around and shook off the feelings I had been experiencing. I looked over at my bunk mates. "I just has a dream that I was an earthling!"

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