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how stupid i am in my life
Since the day i was born i was a stupid idiot no joke i am a idiot. I literally make so many stupid mistakes,Such as I make people mad from me talking a lot.A other stupid thing i make a lot is that i trust a lot of people then they leave me or betray me after giving them all my trust.🙂 I fake a smile a lot so no one sees my true pain i only tell one person about my pain.My Parents say i am going trough a phase just because i told them i'm pan sexual and they say they will support me with my actions WELL IT SEEMS NOT so much in trusting your parents,AND i fight with them a lot because they think i talk back to them I HATE IT WHEN THEY SAY THAT,THAT MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH A WALL.And recently they are saying i'm stupid for wanting a skateboard,Like what do THEY know NOTHING THATS WHAT.
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