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Alas is a handsome alien from Venus who transforms to find love in a Christmas town.
Alas lived alone on Venus for centuries. He was a very dashing swordsman and a winged fairy-like man-being. His only companion was his animal friend called Nightmare. Alas had defended his planet from the invasions of terrifying Xenomorph alien beings for many years and had established himself as the supreme defender of the smoky planet of Venus, with some modest help from his animal pal Nightmare. Alas wielded two swords, one made of silver and the other made of a laser or a light-saber. He used these weapons to fend off the predatory intelligent Xenomorph alien invaders. His laser light-saber doubled as a quick-firing wave-shooter. Alas decided he'd done an excellent job along with his animal friend Nightmare, prowling the underground labyrinth which he built and popping in and out to fight the Xenomorphs who were lured into the labyrinth or roaming around above-ground in packs. Alas, quite satisfied with his role as Venus guardian, decided to finally travel to Earth to find some friendship and intrigue with some non-animal being. He decided to leave Nightmare in the labyrinth on Venus for three months while he sped to Earth's moon and began spying on human civilization.

When Alas watched humanity from Earth's moon, he noted that their civilization was very capitalism oriented and network driven and quite fast-paced. However, despite his network flurry and rather competitive-minded imagination on Earth, humans seemed to also exhibit strange and wondrous forms of community spirit and social activity, especially in the country called America (USA) during the festive holiday season, specifically Christmas. Alas noted that in a special lit up town in Colorado (USA), there was much community spirit as Christmas approached. It was already December 2, and Alas decided to join in the festivities and perhaps make some non-animal friends in America. He transformed himself into a handsome prince and visited the Colorado town, pretending to be a royal young man from Denmark. He leased a very nice apartment and then began walking around the lit up Christmas town at night in his trench-coat and scarf and gloves. He also wore glasses. Alas walked around this charming Christmas town every Saturday night and on most weekday mornings. He sometimes purchased Christmas flowers and ornaments for his tree in his leased apartment.

ALAS: You're so beautiful!
BRIDGET: Why, thank you, man; I shop at this flower-shop during Christmas.
ALAS: Are you married or single, young lady?
BRIDGET: Why'd you ask, man, I mean, where are you from, if I can ask?
ALAS: I'm a visiting prince from Denmark, but that's a secret!
BRIDGET: Well, I'll admit, you're rather cute or handsome, if somewhat forward.
ALAS: I had to approach you with these forward thoughts.
BRIDGET: I suppose you want to ask me out for coffee or Christmas lunch!
ALAS: Yes, I do; but are you single or married?
BRIDGET: I'm single at the moment, so I suppose I'll accept your royal proposal.
ALAS: That delights me; my name's Alas.
BRIDGET: My name's Bridget, Alas.
ALAS: I'll meet you outside the town bistro for lunch on Friday at 2 pm, alright?
BRIDGET: Sounds...normal.

Alas decided to dress up in a very nice white Aigner dress-shirt and tweed slacks and a red blazer for his romantic Christmas-season brunch at the Colorado town bistro with his lovely date Bridget. They enjoyed some afternoon wine with their potato soup, shrimp and pesto sandwich, and pumpkin custard. Alas took Bridget back to his leased and furnished and decorated apartment after sharing a very conversational walk there and they made love. In fact, they stayed in that apartment for the week and made love almost every day. Alas felt like he was feeling the real spiritual bliss of this amazing Colorado Christmas town, and he owed it all to his new sweetheart Bridget. Bridget likewise realized she'd met a really great man, a prince from Denmark! However, Alas began worrying he'd need to disclose his real identity and his alien shape to Bridget. After all, Alas the alien from Venus resembled a humanoid man and was very handsome by Earth standards, very much resembling the prince Alas from Denmark he transformed into to court his newfound holiday season romance with the lovely and gorgeous young American woman Bridget. The only exception was, of course, that Alas the alien from Venus had fairy-wings.

Alas told Bridget his identity and alien history on Venus. He showed her holographic images of his great battles with the invader Xenomorph aliens and how his animal friend Nightmare on Venus helped him fend off these ugly but intelligent aliens. Bridget was awe-struck, but she wasn't frightened or intimidated, since she realized Alas was a handsome humanoid male looking being who mostly resembled the visiting prince from Denmark he claimed to be to her originally! Bridget didn't know how to respond exactly to this very unusual revelation. Alas confessed he'd have to return to Venus to be with his animal friend Nightmare and continue to guard his sacred smoky planet of Venus. However, he also confessed to Bridget that she may not want to go to Venus with him, since she'd miss her human life on Earth. Bridget asked Alas honestly what he thought they should do, since she told him she enjoyed their time together very much in Colorado during that magical Christmas season. Alas kissed Bridget and told her that despite their practical partition which would be inevitable, he'd always want her to remember their incredible romantic time together in that lit up Colorado town during that divine Christmas. Bridget told Alas, "Divinity can be about design, so we'll keep our time together a deep secret."

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