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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2239103
Dooby, the house elf, kidnaps Rudolph
Word Count 422 words

As Dooby approach the workshop door, he heard unusual sounds coming from within. Unusual, because the elves should be asleep by now, and Santa was upstairs in the house.

He pushed open the door, and a yelp of surprise met him. Randolph, the doll-building elf, jumped back, spilling hot chocolate across the floor.

“Dooby!” the small creature squeaked, and brought his scalded hand to his lips. “What are you doing here? You're a house elf. You have nothing to do with the toys."

“OK, so I'm a house Elf, but sometimes, I want to visit my friends in the workshop." Dooby stepped into the room, grabbed up one of the unused doll dresses and moistened it in a nearby sink. He then handed it to Randolph.”

"Thank you." The doll elf covered his injured hand with the wet cloth. While he was distracted, Dooby slipped the still covered syringe, filled with knock-out drops, into his pocket and out of sight.

"I don't understand, Dooby. You’re a Free Elf and you can go anywhere you want, but this late at night? You're lucky you found anyone awake. I just made one last cup of chocolate to help me get to sleep or I'd be asleep too."

“Yeah, you’re right." Dobby looked around at the other sleeping elves. In the reindeer quarters, he saw a bit of restless activity. "I was lucky." His eyes narrowed to a worried frown.

Should I still try to pull this off after being seen? He patted the pocket with the concealed needle. Sure. It will probably be my only chance and I can get a million bucks for Rudolph, if I get him out of here. Then, I'll disappear forever. He stole a quick glance at Randolph, bent over in a perfect position, still tending his hand at the sink.

The needle out, and a quick jab was all it took.

Randolph's head popped up. "What the…." The doll elf collapsed almost immediately onto the floor.

Dobby dashed to the reindeer’s quarters and found Rudolph near the exit. A similar dose put Rudolph into a drug-dazed dither. He followed Dooby, his head hung low, his nose dull and almost winking out.

As they passed the do not enter sign at the entrance, A bong to the side of Dooby's head sent him end over end into the snow.

"See Santa," Mrs. Clause said, and waved he frying pan at the now still Dooby. "I told you we were making the right move when we put in that security camera."

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