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Boy going to school in bus, accidentally loses his clothes and teased by a group of girls.
Joshua woke up suddenly and realised that he had overslept his alarm. This was his last week in highschool and today is the last day for submission of his project model. Yesterday night was his 18th birthday, which he had celebrated with his family members at home.

Joshua is still growing but at 5ft. 2”, he is a touch shorter than his classmates, though he exercises regularly and has a flat 6 pack. With his blond flowing hairs and handsome dimpled face, he could have been very popular in highschool, but he is very shy and keeps to himself.

Joshua hurriedly take a bath and puts on his Blue shirt and black briefs. He tries to find a clean jeans or shorts, but realises that he has not done laundry this week. He settles for his bermuda shorts, though they are little loose, but the drawstring shorts should keep them in place.

He wears his sneakers, take his project model, which is a delicate set depicting internal combustion engine and runs out of home. Joshua realises that school bus is long gone and he has to take the public bus to school, which is usually very crowded.

After some waiting he boards the bus, and finds it is even more crowded then usual. There is a group of 10-12 Korean school girls who are in town for a science exchange program. They are wearing matching white tops and white mini-skirts,
which end well above their knee, with a big belt buckle, showing the symbol of their school in Korea.

Joshua somehow boards the bus, and in the push and pull of crowd realises that 2-3 buttons of his shirt are broken, opening the shirt from his chest to navel. Some of the Korean girls are giggling to see his flat stomach. There are two tall girls in that group who are even taller than Joshua, Kim and Lee, both of them are eyeing Joshua and giggling in Korean. Joshua is red with embarrassment and somehow finds a space in the crowd, with balancing the project model in one hand and clinging on to the handle on the other.

As the bus moved, the cool summer breeze touches Joshua’s belly button and he feels a tingling shiver. Unfortunately he is unable to cover himself due to his precarious situation. At the next stop some more girls from his school board the bus and the Korean girls behind him try to move in front of the bus. As Kim moves towards Joshua, she feigns a fall and catches Joshua by the waist. In the process she tugs on Joshua’s shirt breaking the remaining buttons. Joshua, somehow holds on to the rail. Kim apologises in Korean and while picking us up fleetingly kisses Joshua’s chest and ensure that her milky white and smooth Korean thighs touches Joshua’s legs. Joshua feels a current running through is body and a slight hardness of his dick. He gets red with embarrassment.

As Kim moves behind him other Korean girls slowly move past him eventlessly and Joshua feels a little relaxed. Suddenly he feels a light tug on his waist, he looks down and sees that the drawstring of his shorts is caught in one of the Korean girls belt buckle and the girls is unaware, and is moving to the back of the bus. He tries to call to her and explain, but the girl doesn’t understand and keeps moving. Suddenly with a jerk the knot of Joshua’s shorts drawstring unravels and the shorts start to fall. Joshua holds it up with his one hand, while keeping the model balanced in his other hand and also brings his legs tightly together to ensure his shorts don’t fall. Kim and Lee both sees Joshua’s situation, Lee quickly pulls the drawstring from the girls buckles and also from Joshua’s shorts, and take it out completely. Meanwhile Kim comes just behind Joshua. Suddenly the bus takes a turn and Joshua has to leave his shorts and hold the rails to balance himself. His shorts slowly slides down and falls down showing his black briefs. Meanwhile he is covered from others view by Lee from front and Kim from behind. Once steady Joshua tries to bend and pull his shorts up, but is unable to do so, as Kim is stepping on it to ensure he is not able to do so. Joshua feels very embarrassed and is struggling to pull his shorts up.

Joshua thinks that it would be easier if he sits down and pulls his shorts up. As he sits down, both Kim and Lee comes closer and squeeze him. Joshua looks up and finds his face one cm close to Lee’s white panties. As he tried to move back Lee presses her thighs to her face. Joshua tries to move back and find his face inside Kim’s mini skirt. He is literally squished between Lee and Kims’s thighs. Unable to pull his shorts up, he tries to rise back up, however Kim had stepped on a part of his briefs so as soon as he stands up he realises that his briefs are now on the ground and he is buck naked from waist down with his slight hard dick pointing to Lee’s panties. Lee grabs his dick and starts stroking, while Kim squeezes Joshua’s bums and start fondling his balls from behind. Joshua is both excited and embarrassed.

Suddenly all the Koreans started chatting loudly as the bus starts slowing down. Kim quickly pulls up Josua’s brief and Shorts as the bus comes to a complete stop in front of Joshua’s school.

Joshua gets down the bus and realises that the Korean girls are also going to his school.

Meanwhile, Kim and Lee take out a clipboard with a list and tick a task on it and smile to each other.

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