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Santas have pt some criteria to whom they will offer the big gift.
KHBEY The big gift

"Hi! Santa! I am nine and want to be rewarded this year", Susan says.
"Hi! Susan, I so hope that you will be among the winners," Santa says.
"Winners?" Susan says
"But Santa is supposed to give gifts to all children. Isn't it?"

"This year, Santas want to give the gift only to those who deserve it?"
"What do you mean, Santa?"
"Look! Susan, we Santas have established some criteria to the one to whom we will offer the big gift".
"Which criteria you mean Santa?"
"We want someone who did something exceptional".

"I have succeeded in school and now I am the first of my class".
"Yes, many children have succeeded like you indeed. It's perfect! Something else to reveal, Susan?"
"My father has bought me a Siamese cat and I have been taking care of it everyday, Santa".
"Ok! It's perfect! Yesterday a boy in your age told me the same, Susan".
"I always help my parents by making order in my room and cleaning it up, Santa."

"Look, you are a nice girl and you did a lot and you are surely among the first ones. You might get candies, chocolate or cakes as gifts but to get the big gift I am not sure, Susan".

"Let me think please, Santa. Last month I have planted a tree in our neighborhood park. Also, I have offered some gifts to some old people. I have drawn some magnificent canvases for them indeed. Also, I have ..."
"It's enough. You are the best Susan, you will get it".
"I am honored. Thank you, Santa!"

KHBEY/The big gift/ 273 words/ December the 6th 2020

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