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She was the song in his heart, now gone forever in a cruel plague.
Once Upon a Life

He shuffles away, sterile busy hospital.
Between a mask and tears, all is hazy.
Done too late, the effort too little,
Her life over now in a world gone crazy.

Christmas cheer hung on a tree mocks.
A reminder of joyful days taken for granted.
She had fought, FaceTime photographs.
Why did all feel so awfully mismanaged?

He had lived his life doing all things right.
Voted, worked hard, served country, loved his wife.
They had just retired, trips planned, fantasy flights.
Just a cough, sniffles, nothing much to cost a life.

He once made a vow to care for her until death.
Now he was alone, that fast, so quick, no goodbye.
No children to call, two babies buried without breath.
Maybe he should join her, why not? He sighs.

His Glock at home would do the trick.
A careful plan was made in his mind.
In the mouth, pointed just right, very quick.
But his exit would be too easy, too kind.

So pain filled days, he clung to life.
Only a slender thread held at times.
Like a helpless kitten, he wanted his wife.
Was that holy desire such a crime?

Then a warm glow awakened him.
Days now seemed a confusing maze.
He struggled to a snow covered window to see,
A stunning sunrise, a gift for new holidays.

Children’s voices rang from outside.
It was as if cherubs poured liquid balm.
Over those broken places inside.
The old man whistled a Christmas song.

By Kathie Stehr
Dec 6, 2020
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