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Imagine we never developed written or spoken word & we communicated with our bodies.
I love when language is not needed
Smiles and laughter are the same the world over
Like the look from a lovers eyes
While laying in the clover

Expressing the want for touch
A glance so fleeting
Yet, it can say so much
When bodies are meeting

Writing is often misinterpreted
Or...completely misunderstood
Yet the raising of an eyebrow
A misunderstanding there never would

Sarcasm is rife
Something no one can write
But the tone of a voice along with a look
And it becomes clear in the light

A slight tilting of the head
Can say more than a thousand words
The language of love is so basic
It's just the bees and the birds

We are born with this inherent knowledge
So, there would be no need to teach
If we all lost our voices today
We already have a replacement for speech
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