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Ghostly Incident

It was late 1975 when Val and I were talking in bed when our door suddenly opened. This was very strange as we had a thick carpet and it was difficult to open the door quickly. I looked out at the landing, expecting to see my daughter Lindsey, she was not there instead I saw an apparition of a young girl aged 10-11 against the white stair rail. I asked Val if she could see it too, she said she could also see her. I felt my hair on the back of my neck stand up and I got out of bed and the girl disappeared. I checked Lindsey and Tracey and they wee fast asleep. It never happened again.

Our friend Doreen came to visit us at 34 Yatesbury Road Carterton in 1974 . She had travelled from Nottingham. That evening we were talking about the incidents that had happened in our home.It got very interesting and someone suggested we try a Ouiga Board.None of us three had ever used a Ouiga board before. We did not have a genuine board so we made do with the Scrabble letters in a circle on the coffee table. The alphabet was placed in a circle and the words "YES" and "NO" were placed in the centre of the circle.

The three of us sat around the table and placed our fingers on a blank tile in the middle of the board and we began by asking if there was anybody there. Nothing happened so we asked again and the tile moved to YES. We were astounded and pulled our fingers off the tile. After we had calmed down we started again and asked again if anybody was there. This time the tile shot around the board and knocked all the tiles off as if in a rage. This really scared us. We stopped and put the scrabble tiles away and had a strong drink. It frightened us so much we never did it again.

In the same house I was working night shift on the flight line, I received a phone call at the crew room asking me to go home immediately. I went home to find Val holding Lindsey at 2 am at the bottom of the stairs and Lindsey was wide eyed and who was refusing go in her bedroom. I took her to her room and she clung tightly to me and pointed to something at the end of her bed. I could not see anything but she could see something and kept pointing at it. She would not stay in the room. Eventually we decided to put our other daughter Tracey in Lindsey’s bed while she slept and we put Lindsey in Traceys bed. It all calmed down and Lindsey slept peacefully.

From that day Tracey was unsettled and had trouble sleeping until we left that house.
It was not until we were leaving in 1976 that our neighbours told us about the previous occupants of our house who had problems with their furniture, just as we did. They also told us that the women had miscarried a baby in the house, Val also had a miscarriage in the house. The night we had a visit from a young girl in the form of an apparition in our bedroom the neighbours dog had howled all night in a corner of their room.

We visited the house some 40 years later to find it had been demolished and we never found out about the visitors.
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