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A young boy makes a big hit with his grandpa on Christmas Eve.
Christmas at My House

Aunts and uncles come and go,
Bringing cheerful wishes,
Mama passes cookies 'round
On her best Christmas dishes.

Grandma says how big I've grown
Wonders where the time went.
Grandpa talks of Christmas past,
But I just want the presents.

Sis' and I've been good all year
But wish people would leave,
'Cause Santa needs a quiet house
To come on Christmas Eve.

After we've said our good nights,
Been tucked under the quilts,
I wonder if I've not been nice
I'm quickly filled with guilt.

Baby Jesus welcomed everyone
Though living in a stable,
While my mind's stuck on getting
All the presents I am able.

Though Momma had just tucked me in
For my long winter's nap,
From bed I climbed, ran down the stairs,
And jumped on Grandpa's lap.

"Well, Little Man, what's this about?"
My dear old Grandpa said,
"Here I thought your Momma
Had just sent you up to bed."

"She did, but I just had to say,"
I hurt myself confess,
"Of all the things of Christmas,
I love my family best."

Grandpa laughed, gave me a squeeze,
Then carried me to bed.
He tucked me in, ruffled my hair,
And with a smile he said,

"Tomorrow will be Christmas,
It comes 'round every year,
What makes the day so special
Are the people we hold dear.

"And you have learned, at your young age,
What some folks haven't yet,
And you've just given me a gift,
The best I'll ever get.

"You reminded me the care we have
For family and relations,
Is what has kept Christmas alive
Through all these generations.

"So you sleep now 'cause I'll just bet
That Santa's somewhere near."
He mussed my hair and closed my door
Then downstairs I could hear

Kind voices of my family
As in comfort I did lay
Happiness lulled me to sleep
And I woke on Christmas day.

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