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I have always thought what is the normal and what is not. These are my thoughts :)
The 'normal'? Is it right or wrong? If normal was a person who could it be? It could be a number of people, but most people base it on not

having any problems and having a lot of money. There is a number of people's 'normal'. I will never understand what normal is, but I will

never stride to be normal because I live life the way I want, and yes there might be some bumps or even really big ones, but being normal

won't fix it because there is no example of a right normal. Just like being beautiful. Everyone is beautiful because there is no right example of

being beautiful. When you are honest to yourself and the others around you there is no problem. If someone is being a bully tell them what's

right and what you think because you can't be wrong, not at all because that is what you think and who is to tell you that you are wrong for

your own opinion or thought. This is just a reminder to love yourself and remember that you are a reason to be loved and you have a reason

to fight for whatever you think is right to you.

If you read this thank you, I appreciate you for reading and I hope you think a little bit about the words and take a little by heart because you

are loved and thought of. :))
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