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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2239290
Life was looking up!
Having had the most fulfilling sex with the hunk of a neighbor in the shape of Richard ,she wondered whether she should invite him back to her place. After all, he had gone to the trouble of cooking a delicious meal and he was one sexy devil!

In the meantime. life had to go on and Angela thought long and hard about what she should do to earn a living. Her CV wouldn't excite any would be employer. All she had to offer was a well thumbed catalog of photographs of her posing in all sorts of swimsuits and underwear. Of course, there were other agencies she could try, but was that what she really wanted?

Receptionist in a hotel perhaps? Learn how to use a sewing machine in a garment factory? Become a teacher? The idea of her becoming a teacher made her laugh! No, she would have to 'phone a friend or even an almost forgotten Aunt. Maybe she would give her some ideas? The last she had heard of Aunt Kathleen was she was on her fourth husband and doing well on the proceeds!

Finding her telephone number was an exercise in rubbish clearing, but find it she did!

"Is that Aunt Kathleen? It's your niece Angela here. Long time no speak!"

"Good heavens child. Yes, I remember you. Last I heard you were doing well prancing about in flimsy underwear! What can I do for you?"

Explaining her predicament and the fact she was wondering what to do next made her Aunt exclaim loudly that she do nothing but to pack her bags and get down to her little place in Sunny California and join her for a long and exciting chat about men.! What on earth was the old bat on about? Angela hadn't made any reference to men.

What the heck! Angela made the decision to visit Aunt Kathleen and after a long and tiring flight, a tedious ride in a taxicab, she arrived worn out and ready for a soak in a bath, she was greeted at the front door of a huge pile of a house, by a black man wearing nothing more than pouch covering his genitals.

"You must be Angela. Welcome to a hot and sunny California my dear! I'm Jimmy the one and I'm the jack of all jobs around here. Your dear old Auntie is at present in the hot tub trying to regain her youth! Some chance that happening! Follow me my dear one and let me show you to your room where there is a bath and a very big bed for you to relax and unwind after your long trip. You'll meet Aunt Kathleen at dinner time which will be in two hours!"

Sashaying up a massive flight of stairs Angela was mesmerized by the movement of the man's ass as she followed him up the stairs. Every movement he made was sexual and she couldn't help but notice how little the pouch he was supposedly wearing covered. He must have the biggest penis in the State!

"Now my little one, let me tell you something about the house rules. Now....let me see.... what were they? Ah yes! In this house and in the gardens, clothing is optional. You can please yourself. Naked is the in thing here! As you can see, I wear very little these days. Your dear Aunt prefers I do my duties completely naked. I don't mind! Do you?"

Angela was lost for words and could only manage a quick 'no'

"Oh goody! I'm sure you and your Aunt are going to get along like a house on fire! Dinner will be in two hours and dress is preferred!"

Angela lay back on the enormous bed and reflected on her Aunt's fortunes. With this big house and grounds it must have cost a bomb. The furnishings in the room were plush and must be worth a hell of a lot of money. She wondered what she should wear for dinner. She did have a little number that revealed more than it covered. That would be ideal.

Walking down the grand staircase she wondered what Jimmy the one would think of her skimpy dress. As if on cue he appeared at the foot of the stairs wearing a gold belt around his waist and attached to it with a thin gold chain was his huge penis. It must have been at least twelve inches long with a massive purple colored head.

"As you can see my little one, I'm dressed for dinner. Do you like what you see?"

Twirling round, his huge penis was restrained by the gold chain. He clapped his hands and ushered her into a magnificent dining room with a huge table covered with many dishes of food, all steaming and looking delicious. He suggested she sat where she liked and said her Aunt would be joining her shortly.

"Outrageous isn't he! But that that's why I employ him."

Wearing a thin lacy cape from bare shoulders to her ankles. Aunt Kathleen appeared at the head of the table. Angela could see her Aunt was naked under the lace creation and with her hair pulled back and tied with a big blue ribbon she wore little make up except for her lips covered in a crimson red lipstick. She was regal in her bearing and as she sat at the table she looked at Angela and big a big smile welcomed her.

"As you can see my dear, we are close to nature here. We have thrown convention out of the window and are enjoying the fabulous art of being fucked from morning to night by men who are used to bringing women to the very heights of passion and lust! I hope you are not shocked or even disappointed at what you have seen or heard so far?"

Biting into a juicy golden pear, Angela with a mouthful of pear could only mumble a quick no! After swallowing her food she exclaimed that everything so far was exciting and she was looking forward to more! She tried to explain to her Aunt why she wanted advice from her and before she could continue, her Aunt interrupted her and leaving the table beckoned Angela to follow her.

"I want you to be able to confide in me all about your sex life. I want to know every detail. Don't think I'll be offended by anything referring to the size of a man's cock or fetishes you've encountered. I'll be offended if you leave out anything at all."

Seated as they were on two sun beds with Jimmy the One hovering in the back ground to . Angela began to tell her Aunt about her latest experiences with Richard and even told her about her lust for the largest man's penis she could possibly take.

"Believe me my dear there is no limit as to size. The bigger and fatter the better. I know because I've tried all sizes and am still trying to find the ideal one! You see, it's not actually the size that matters, although I must admit I like them big. It's the way in which they are used that really turns me on! While you are here, let me see what you have to offer Take off that silly little dress and show me your naked body and I'll do the same"

In the warmth of the sun, they lay naked with Jimmy the one standing by her Aunt with her fondling his erect penis. Angela thought that for a woman her age her Aunt looked extremely fit and tanned. Her breasts weren't at all pendulous and she could see she was clean shaven with a smooth and pronounced mons venus! Any man would want to fuck her thought Angela.

"If I were a man I would want to take that beautiful body of yours and impale you on my cock! You have everything going for you. Take for example, your breasts. No man could resist sucking and licking those magnificent orbs and he would want to nibble those terrific nipples! Your hips are just right with those slim thighs that would be ideal to wrap around a man's waist. I have one criticism and that is your skin color. You are too white and need to get a decent all over tan. "

Good old Auntie Kathleen went on to tell Angela that she had a man coming in to help them with their problems and recommended Angela take a shower and prepare herself for a specimen, the likes of which she will have never seen before! Out of the shower and with a big bath towel wrapped around her, Angela was ushered by Jimmy the One into a small room where she was helped up onto a covered massage bench. Looking around her she could see a cupboard with shelves loaded with bottles of what looked like oils.

A door opened and in walked a massive hulk of a man. Muscle bound he was and in a blink of an eye he managed to whisk the towel from Angela, leaving her naked and exposed to this huge man. With oiled hands he quickly began to run his hands over her breasts and let them linger over her vaginal area. She could see he had enormous hands, but she was surprised how gentle he was. The sensations she was experiencing were delightful. His fingers were everywhere and at one stage she thought he had a finger up her rectum. Throughout this massage he didn't say a word other then introduce himself as Garth!

After a complete pummeling and deep massage of her body Angela was tingling with the pleasure of it all. Garth began to take his brief shorts off and as he did so Angela could see a giant of a penis jump into view. It was almost purple in color and was at least four inches in girth and as she was looking at it, it began to grow in length. Without doubt, it surpassed anything Angela had ever seen before. It was enormous and Angela knew she wanted to experience it inside her!

Roughly Garth pulled her towards him so that her bum was on the edge of the table. Grasping her legs he lifted them in the air so that she straddled his body. Without any hesitation Garth thrust his massive penis into her wet and ready vagina. Angela gasped and holding onto his arms began to writhe and wriggle her body to help take this monster into the wet folds of flesh and muscle of her clit. It was pure ecstasy and she was experiencing waves of delightful orgasms. With his muscular arms Garth had lifted Angela up and she was suspended over the table as he kept a rapid movement of thrust and withdraw. By now Angela was beyond any form of reason and wanted to have as much of this cock inside her. With his hands grasping her breasts he continued pumping his cock into her soaking wet cunt. She was in seventh heaven with the endless waves of orgasms that made her scream with delight.

Exhausted and with bruised groin she collapsed in the shower with sheer delight. That was one fantastic fuck she thought. After drying herself she didn't bother to cover herself but walked naked back to Auntie and laying back on the sunbed with a contented sigh!

"I can see Garth was able to evoke your hidden desires! He is something else isn't he? Every time I let him stick his monster cock inside me I feel stretched to the limit. There is one other man I want you to meet and enjoy. He is coming this evening and boy will he turn you on! Get some rest my dear as you'll need the energy for later!"

Angela lay back and smiling to herself thought how wonderful life was, with an Aunt as broad minded as she was and living in a carefree and sex loaded way. What could be better?

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