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A older couple find the place for their third act, all bittersweet.
The Winter Rose

A lovely Victorian mansion,
houses precious antiques.
People alive with memories, passion.
Our parents, both beloved and unique.

A new babe, like a book brand new.
Delicate rose bud, unblemished skin.
Pages hunger for words, a future to begin.
All admire, even strangers offer a grin.

A daughter, priceless unique rose.
Watched over, smart and sweet.
She blooms, admirers gather, to propose.
Young son then a man, games move to Main Street.

Marriages, life’s pages turn, babies arrive.
Anniversary time, bouquets of roses remind.
Love once young, tender, eager to thrive.
Carousel of life turns; gears stick, grind.

A mirrored glance, wrinkles appear.
Slow down a little, petals begin to fall.
Grandparents fall ill, loss causes fear.
Now we are in charge, parents often call.

Rat race continues, life’s novel grows thicker.
Climb a success leader, secure our future.
Doubt sets in, did we do enough? Answers trickier.
Rose bush still blooms as new buds, others mature.

Day comes, decisions must be made.
Mom forgetful, often frightened and lost.
Dad, my hero, needs a maid and upgrade.
Roses fade, falling, talk of replacement costs.

Find people who will love and care.
Our parents pick a perfect nest for their rest.
Papers signed, tears and memories come and go.
Lovely garden, Mom smiles, picks a perfect rose.

By Kathie Stehr
December 8, 2020

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