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Elsie and Will are very different. So, how could they ever stay friends?
Best Friends.

         He is always rambling on about something, it just gets annoying after a while, but he never stops. You'd think he'd catch all my obvious hints that I really don't care what he's talking about. To be honest, Will's not that bad of a guy, just odd. I really don't even know how we became friends, I mean we're so different. He likes anime and politics and while I don't completely hate those things, I just don't agree with him 100% of the time. I like better things like history and nature. And every time I'm a little ignorant in those subjects, he goes manic on me. But in the end, we're still friends, and we'll always be friends, right?

Will is so determined to show me all his favorite anime TV shows and movies he's already finished. He told me, "I swear, Elsie, this anime will change your life!" I guess you could say I wasn't so thrilled to hear this because I know he's gonna get to the first show and talk and talk and talk about it until I have to go home. This happens so much. I'd wish he'd just shut up sometimes. "Like, do you ever stop talking." I whispered under my breath while rolling my eyes. He suddenly stops talking and his smile quickly turned into a frown.

He obviously heard me, but it took me a second to realize that he did. "But Elsie, you never talk, so I have to fill in the quietness." He said in a disappointed quiet tone. I felt bad because he was right, I never talk, but he still has no right saying that because if he talks to me about me and not him all the time I'd maybe talk! I yelled in my head. "Whatever," I said deciding that just leaving would save me the awkwardness that I knew was about to go down.
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