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we evolve beyond the person we were a minute before... (inspired by gurren lagann.)
we move forward towards the heavens, up into the stars, since we’re too stupid not to
because all the lights in the skies are our allies, waiting for us up there in space
they wait for us as we move forward, and we’ll reach them some day soon
all of us move forward, little by little by little, until we reach our goals
we’ll never give up, even when we’re cast aside and damaged
we can just get back up and try again and again and again
even when you’re down and you can’t believe anymore
there’s someone out there who believes in you
they love you and know you can try again
and they’ll never stop believing in you
the world is big and dark and scary
and it’s okay to be afraid of it
but you have to keep going
because we move on
and we go forward
never stopping
little by little
just like
a drill
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