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the sheep is not always defenseless or weak.
you took it from me,
you took my words,
you took my hands
you took everything i could use to fight

you took it all
and left me defenseless
yet you cry out when i snap
you cry wolf, hiding your own fangs

you hide your fangs behind your lips and smile for the camera
you tuck your tail between your legs and pin your ears behind you
you file your claws until they’re sore and red and useless
you cry wolf, pretending to be the shepherd

yet i cannot hide my wool and ears
i cannot hide my hooves and tail
but you can paint them different colors
you can dress me up whichever way you’d like
you can give me fangs and claws
you can make me snarl and howl

you took it all from me
and gave me what you hid
yet you cry out in fear when i snap
as if you didn’t let me bite back
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