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A meeting between two royals on an issue that affected the country deeply.
Holding that piece of paper broke her heart. Everything she believed in, everything she stood for, everything that surrounded her crumpled down more and more as she read the contents of the letter in her hand. Her emotions were all over the place. Anger, disappointment, sadness, loathe, distrust and most importantly, heartbreak.

'How can one do this to his own country?' she thought. 'Abandon it, fight against it, let people die for money?'

She could not understand her uncle's point of view. The disgraceful things he did to this country while King. She let a out small chuckle when she thought that. King. He didn't deserve it. He never did. Her father, an honest man who wanted a simple life was forced into this royalty. This heavy burden that carries the weight of the country, the people.

A knock on the door startled the girl as she wiped whatever tears rolled down her face, fit into character, and said "Come in".

"Your Royal Highness, the Duke of York" he bowed.

A tall slender man who held so much loved in her eyes came in wearing a luxury grey suit. She looked at him like how anyone would after reading the letter, with disgust.

"I heard you have acquired the The Risen Christ by Michelangelo himself recently" his almost grave voice shuddered her spine.

"Yes we did" she replied blandly, wanting this meeting to end right when it began.

"I've missed you, my niece"

"What did you come here to discuss about?" she replied emotionless.

Shocked at the cold tone of her voice, he continued

"Well the purpose of this visit was so I could get a job since being a Duke has become almost boring. I had a few options in mind but I need to get both the government and the sovereign's permission to take it. So here I am, in front of yours truly for a job" he chuckled.

She stood in shock. He's asking for a raise in his allowance? After the cruelty he brought this country? He wants to serve it?

"There are certain things, certain issues that were brought to my knowledge recently and due to that I cannot bear to offer you any job in this country." She said with a stern face, her cold eyes burning a hole into his soul.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh you know, the things done and said during the second world war. The great betrayal from you" She said.

His eyes widened "I have no idea what you are talking about"

"I've seen the files"

"On what?"

"Telegrams between you and the Nazi higher command"

His eyes relaxed saying "You'll understand why I did it"

"I will never understand why you sacrificed the men of our country for your own benefits"

"It wasn't just mine, it was my wife's life too"

"Who is rumored to be a Nazi spy!"

Both of them frustrated, she said

"I've seen the tapes, the video shows you clearly in Hitler's training camp and respecting the Nazi Fuhrer as a friend when he's the cause behind your country's men to give their lives, thinking it was for the greater cause, to you"

"What does that have to do with granting me a job?" He was burning with fury and she knew it.

"In light of this situation I cannot forgive you for what you have done to this country and you will remain in exile for your abdication"

He was in utter shock. His niece isn't who he thought she was. He didn't think she would ever be as cruel as how kings should be. It was then he realized she is a Queen and Head of the country.

"You may leave now" She said and rang the bell to alert the guards outside the room to escort the former king.

He turned to leave but said "I hope you can forgive me"

She took a deep breath, holding on to the tears burning her eyes to fall,

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