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A brief article on self awareness
What is self-awareness? What does it mean to be self-aware? Self-awareness is the ability to have an honest look at yourself and your actions without judging them to be right or wrong. To be self-aware, you have to understand that you're not to judge your actions as inherently good or bad, just analyze your actions, and ask yourself questions like, how do I appear to the world? What are my strengths and weaknesses? My personality traits? What are my challenges, do's, and don'ts? How do I react in different situations?.

How do we classify self-awareness? We classify them into three. First, internal self-awareness, here an individual is aware of himself, what he truly is without being skeptical about the truth. This person looks inward and analyzes his actions, not from a place of judgment but a place of compassion.

The second is external self-awareness, an externally self-aware individual knows how he's perceived by others, how his actions affect them, how they feel about him, and so on.

The last type of awareness is the one in the middle, this is where most of us want to be, being both internally self-aware and externally self-aware, we know ourselves and how we are being perceived by others.

There are four archetypes of self-awareness, we have the pleasers, the seekers, the introspective, and self-aware.

Being self-aware is desired, but the human being shies away from self-evaluation, however, it is necessary for our growth. It allows you to know where to improve, what to let go, what to do more, and so on. The human being would rather not think, it takes bravery to take a deep honest evaluation of yourself, but shying away only makes us ignorant. Self-awareness allows you to answer the “who am I? “ Question.

Sometimes you try too hard on something, thinking you're putting in all the best efforts but you're not getting the desired results when all you might need is self-evaluation to get to the root of the problem. Remember, self-awareness isn't about judging yourself, it's about knowing you as you are.
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