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Follow characters throught heir daily lives and their adventures.This is a Warriors FanFic
Shortest prologue ever!

"Attention Thunderclan!" Oakstar roared.

"My mate, Pinestream, has given birth to my 3 wonderful kits! Two she-cats and one Tom!"

The clan cheered.

"Nettlekit is our strongest! She will need a strong mentor! So, if you want to train her, you will have to show that you are worthy."

The clan whispered excitedly.

"Stormkit, our smallest, will need a bit more time before I can start deciding his mentor. But, I have my eye on Cottonkit's mentor. She will need a stern, fast and brave cat. Thunderclan is excused to their duties." Oakstar meowed before jumping down the high rock and padding over to the Nursery.

Chapter 1

Firepaw POV

Thistleleaf, Bugfur and my mentor, Woodheart, led me for my first time to the Riverclan border. This was my second day as an apprentice and I was ready for anything!

My nose twitched when I smelt a fishy smell.


"What do you smell Firepaw?" Woodheart asked me, obviously already knowing the answer.

"Riverclan." I answered, feeling proud.

"Very good! Now, can you tell me how many cats are on the patrol?"

This question was a bit hard. I lifted my my nose and tried to smell the cats scents.

1, no wait, 3! It is very hard to tell the Fish-Pelts apart.

"I believe there are three."

Just then 3 Riverclan cats appeared on the other side of the river.

"Oystertail" Thistleleaf greeted.


"Oh and I see there is a new apprentice in Thunderclan" A pretty she-cat meowed happily.

"Y-yes! I am Firepaw!" She smiled even more.

"Well, I guess we should be going" Bugfur meowed, breaking the silence.

As we padded back to camp I couldn't stop thinking of the pretty she-cat. I think her name was Seedpaw.

Bummblepaw POV

Oakstar led me and my clanmates to the gathering. Redmouse, our medicine cat, was flanking Oakstar as bounded down the slope to 4 trees. As I breaked into the clearing Spottedtree, my mentor, padded over to me. "Stay close to your clan. This is your first gathering, I believe you still need to learn the rules?" Spottedtree meowed, her tail swaying in excitement. "Bravepaw!" She called. He padded over.

Woah! I never realized how big and brave he looks like!

As Spottedtree padded away Bravepaw began to speak. "So, first rule of the Gathering. Do not tell any other clan cat any secrets of our clan. Like, don't tell our best hunt spots, or don't tell if were about to go attack a clan. And most of all DO NOT!, make strong connections with any cats."

I nodded, trying to remember all the rules.

As the Gathering started Bravepaw shuffled over. That's Mudstar, he pointed to a brown tabby tom with his tail.

"Cats of the clans!" Mudstar began. "Prey is running lower in Windclan. But, we did find a whole nest of rabbits. We will be able to feed the whole clan for the next moon without hunting!" Mudstar called loudly.

"And that's Waterstar. Leader of Riverclan" Bravepaw meowed.

"Riverclan has great news! Frozenleaf our Medicine Cat has taken on a apprentice! Her apprentices name is Ravenpaw! She really wanted to be here but sadly she got attacked by a Wasp's nest. She will come next gathering."

After Nettlestar of Shadowclan spoke Oakstar said his words and we left for camp. I was excited to curl up in my nest and rest my aching pads.
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