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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Dark · #2239460
a woman goes home for the holiday with a scary gift.
"All the roads are closed," said the cloaked figure. Lisa smiled and pointed back at her kayak,"I don't need a road to get me home," she told him. Thunder drowned out his response but his laughter rang loudly in her ears. The baby on her back began to cry bringing Lisa back to harsh reality. It was Christmas Eve and she had to get home. It would be her father's last Christmas and she promised him she would be there. Her mother's words came back to her as she navigated the kayak through the storm,"Always the wild child aren't you Lisa? Now you are dragging my granddaughter down with you." From her back the baby said,"Don't be afraid Mother, I will protect you." Lisa wasn't afraid of the storm, She was afraid of what the baby would do to her Mother. Maybe it would be a good thing to just let it happen. "What is my name Mother?" the baby asked. Lisa coughed and said, "If I give you a name you will stay forever. If you promise not to hurt my mother I will give you a lovely name."The baby growled and said,"Give me your Mother's name and I won't do her any harm."Lisa made the baby promise and then agreed to the name Catherine Marie. As soon as they arrived at the dock Lisa's mother began berating her for bringing the baby out in the rain storm. Her mother took the baby in her arms and the new Catherine Marie opened her little mouth and sucked out the woman's soul. Lisa's mother walked away with a blank expression and never spoke again.Joseph, Lisa's father enjoyed a wonderful holiday without being nagged for the first time in 40 years.
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