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Couples feel sorry for me as I don't have anyone to love, yet I feel sorry for them.
Relationships begin...then come to an end
A cycle of dependence and the fear of being alone
A bitter breakup's consequence and pain that's all too real
When it turns out they were just a stepping stone

When giving the gift of trust
Of expectations, there should be few
Expectations will lead to disappointment
It's only our own we should try to live up to

Life is not a proverb
And we're not bound by the promises we say
Forever is just a concept
Not meant to be taken in a literal way

Being alone is not the end of the world
Tell that to those who'll never try
It's just another way of being
Without the contempt, or the boredom, or the lies

Just because I’m not in a relationship
Doesn't mean I'm alone
I’m not alone in my choice
A lot less alone than some relationships I’ve known

When couples constantly bicker
And the truth is rarely told
The expectations are they are happy
But a warm smile hides a heart that's cold

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