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Who makes us feel jealous... Our friends and not our enemies.

Masquerading as friends,
I know they are my worst enemy.

They grin and carous with me.
But I can smell their envy.

No hypocrisy,
I am just like them.
I envy them too.
We all burn when our friends succeed.
Isn't that true?

Yes, we congratulate and revell in their Anniversary.
But deep inside, every friendship is hiding a bloody rivalry.

Finish the race together and you revel together.
But if your best friend backs gold ,
no consolation prize can console,
The monstrous Invidia within you.
He will roar.

From Abel and Cain to disciples of Christ,
The humanity is fed on this vice.
Why are we pretending to be nice?
Why we masquerade as friends
when deep inside our hearts all we have is a heated rivalry.
Masquerading as friends, we know we are our worst enemies.
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