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by Nobody
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captain marvel decides to fight against the iron man suit.
*Before the story begins, this is not an accurate demonstration of the two characters powers. This is just some weird story in my own weird imagination*

"Alright Carol! Ready?" Asked Iron Man. They were about to begin their training to see which avenger was more powerful. Tony's armor was already powerful and he was pretty confident in his ability to win but he knew this fight wouldn't be easy for Captain Marvel was strong and pretty damn durable. She had seriously hardly ever gotten hurt much less severely injured.

"Of course Tony!" Carol yelled as she quickly flew into Iron Man, pushing him into a mountain pummeling him. The blows were damaging but wouldn't end the fight. Tony was able to fire a powerful blast with his repulsors at Carol with enough power to knock her out of the mountain and giving him the chance to escape. He was able to quickly exit the mountain and launched more repeated blasts at Carol. His weapons soon over heated revealing Carol. But unfortunately for Tony, his attacks had little affect.

"Impossible..." He said to himself giving Carol time to launch a photon blast. The attack sent Tony flying backward as she then began another attempt to pummel him down. Tony was able to block her first hit and landed a solid blow to her face, but it didn't have much affect. The two of them began going blow to blow on each other, but Carol seemed to have an advantage being stronger and more durable. Tony tried landing another hit but she caught his arm and grabbed his other arm. With both opponents arms locked in the air Carol began crushing the wrists of his armor then landing a solid blow on his his face for payback cracking his armor.

"What?" Tony said shocked at this level of strength. She then through him onto the ground and began ripping his armor open. She stopped immediately after realizing she had already won.

"Did you have to tear apart my armor?!" Tony asked.

"Sorry for going a bit far, but at least I won!" She tried to say with an enthusiastic tone.

"Just get me out of this suit..."
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