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by Norman
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She's nowhere to be found

My name is Norman Nosy
I’m with the Hometown News
I am their star reporter
In search of news and clues

I’m following this story
About that missing teen
She went into the three bears’ house
That’s the last time she was seen

So let me get this right now
Let’s set the record straight
This Goldilocks just barged on in
She knocked but didn’t wait

The bears’ house was deserted
As Goldilocks could see
But there was porridge in three bowls
She thought, ”How good for me!”

One of the bowls was too hot
Another was too cold
The third one tasted juuust right
She ate it, so we’re told

And then she sat herself down
And broke the little chair
She didn’t seem to mind too much
She didn’t seem to care

She went into the bedrooms
Deciding which to choose
Then lay down on the little bed
She still had on her shoes

Now who behaves like she did?
I tell you that’s just rude
She didn’t show good manners
In fact, that’s awfully crude

Is Goldilocks her real name?
Or just a name she used
It sounds like she’s a stripper
I’m getting quite confused

Now Goldilocks is missing
She hasn’t been around
There was a searching party
But she just can’t be found

Those bears say they don't know her
All three of them will swear
They don’t know where she's gone to
She could be anywhere

I’ve talked to all the neighbors
They cannot tell me more
There isn’t any evidence
We don’t know what she wore

Some say they found some clothing
A pair of women’s shoes
That could belong to Goldilocks
Yeah, that the latest news

Those bears are saying nothing
But they’re all getting fat
And it’s not from eating porridge
I’m pretty sure of that

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