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Sharing love is not a crime.
The world is still trying to over come the crisis. Some people have lost their jobs; some people went bankrupt; some people moved to poverty by the special vehicle of the global crisis.
Nothing can be done to those people cause we are staying home to be safe...
But now we are about to meet our wonderful celebration Christmas...
But we do know lots of people may not celebrate this Christmas as before. They might be in poverty or might be in the verge of poverty.
Yet in this pandemic situation political unrest, calamities, diasters have accompanied with the global crisis.
We don't know the fact of the future. As we've already covered our real face with the mask, yet another mask has its own role to cover our half face. To be Glad, our mask is not an obstacle for our vision.

This situation has created a great impact on everyone's life. So, open your eyes widely. Send the good wishes to the people in poverty. Try to help the people who are suffering. Appreciate the front-line workers who work hard in this pandemic situation. If you have too much happiness, share it with others... cause, sharing happiness can double your delight. Don't waste too much wealth on something useless. Help and share your love to vanish poverty. Cause, hunger is really painful than hell. Share your love on this Christmas season with joy of carols, precious prayers and gifts.
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