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Of Night Furies and gift giving
Okay, for those of you who are unaware, I am—drumroll, please—a fangirl. Specifically, a How to Train Your Dragon fangirl. So, I can’t let the opportunity pass to discuss another favorite film, Gift of the Night Fury. It’s a short film, roughly twenty-four minutes in length, and one of the best I’ve ever watched at capturing the spirit of the holiday. The ideas are, as always, deeper than much children’s fare. Love, loss, and how hard that is at holiday time. The people in the film pressing forward even through the upsets. And the lovely happy ending.

Anyway, this film takes place after the events from the first feature film. The score for How to Train Your Dragon was composed by John Powell, and Gift of the Night Fury uses the music, too.

This video from Samuel Kim is a medley of themes from the first film. Several of these—This is Berk, Test Drive, and Romantic Flight—are used in the short film.

I recommend all of it: How to Train Your Dragon, Gift of the Night Fury, John Powell’s score, and Samuel Kim. But, I’m biased. Without further ado, I give you How to Train Your Dragon theme Eoic Medley Version.

{link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iLHwp3Kxvw}
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