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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2239654
Describes a first encounter with a lover...& the hopes that go with it.
Our eyes meet
Nervous anticipation
An energy so strong
I want you...
I need you...
No one else will do

You smile...
The warmth touches my heart
Filling my soul with a lust
That will know no denial

Hands enclose...
Desire that knows no bounds
Growing deep inside

You know what I want...
To consume your every being
To take you...
To hold you...
Until two become one

No boundaries will hold us back
A love unafraid
Yet gentle and soft

Kisses so sweet
Exploring each other
The pleasure, the pain
All revealed

To know you...
To love you...
To want you like no other
Until our bodies collapse
Our minds fulfilled...
Lovers now forever
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