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A blog of my thoughts, life, and dreams.
Blog website if you want to check it out: {link: https://alishaplays430.wixsite.com/mydreamsoflife}

My thoughts are like a lightbulb.

When you turn it on, magic happens, and creativity comes to life.

When you turn it off, the magic stops, my ideas are lost.

Often, the light shines at the wrong time.

Often, my thoughts are gone.

But, that is now changing.

With a new blog, I'm creating.

January 7, 2021 7:16 PM
Another thought...

Hoi, It's 2021 speaking here, and yesterday was considered CHAOS.

Especially with the crazy mob with guns breaking through the Capitol building.

I prayed that I hoped nobody would get hurt, and today the news said a least 4 people died. *Cry*

I hope this is only the leftovers of 2020 and that the rest of 2021 will change.

Also, today was an ok day.

School is always stressful, I would talk about how stressful it is, but I would start exaggerating into a long story... I wonder if having a job in the future is easier...

I also wonder why I'm always hungry. I searched the web but the suggestions I've gotten have been very unsuccessful... *Think*

At least I'm still alive, I have a mug of hot cocoa, and a story to think about. *Smile*

I also have a question.

What do you think of Valentine's day? *Think*


January 1, 2021 12:20 AM

Happy New Year!

2020 has finally ended starting with this New Year...

I wonder if this year will be any different or worse.

Prompt: What is one goal you wish to make for 2021?

Me: My goal is to think up a plan that will make happiness, and give that happiness to my family.

I hope we'll have a good year...


December 25, 2020 3:32 AM

*Candy1* Merry Christmas!*Candy2*

It is finally Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜

I had(I still have) the jitters about opening my presents, I only got 5 hours of sleep and I can't go back.

I dreamt of food I was going to eat, presents I wanted to open, movie choices I didn't understand๐Ÿ˜‘, and time.

I kinda realized it can be funny waking up listening to the 12 days of Christmas. Listening to each day made my dream become distorted filled with everything that was described.

Prompt: What is one thing you wrote on your Christmas List? (Optional: You can write your entire list)๐Ÿ“

Me: I remember that I wrote I wanted a Mythical Morning mug so I can wake up to a clean mug of tea, a new journal, a bath set, gift cards, and a teddy bud to talk to.๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and let's all hope 2021 will be better.


December 24, 2020 8:56 PM

Today wasn't the best Christmas eve I ever had in many years, but it was still good.

I watched some movies, ate Chinese food, wrapped some presents, listened to some good Christmas music, and wore my Christmas clothes. My morning was terrible though. My Christmas alarm didn't go off, I had extra chores, and my body was achy.

I know tomorrow will be a good day though...

I can't wait to wake up and run downstairs to open the presents underneath the tree.

I can't wait to eat delicious cinnabons that I can smell right now. *Hungry*

I can't wait to watch Christmas movies with Christmas snacks.

I also wonder if you guys hid a pickle ornament underneath your tree to hunt it down so you can open your present first.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! *Smile*

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