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In answering a post in the Newsfeed, a simple four line poem surfaced. I had to add to it.
Sweet, juicy, crisp apples I like straight from the tree,
But, some kinds of apples are just too mushy you see.
Some types of apples make good sauce, others make pie.
And, once in a while I make an apple-cinnamon fry.

There are apples bright red and some apples of green,
While apples of yellow are another kind that I've seen.
Some apples are quite big while some are quite small.
They're picked from a tree or the ground where they fall.

You can make fresh apple butter or fresh apple jelly
That wiggles and jiggles just like Santa's big belly.
They say Eve ate an apple, but I doubt that it's true.
Would God restrict something that's so healthy for you?

Go buy yourself some apples and enjoy one each day,
They not only taste good, they keep the doctor away.
So eat apples for breakfast, or with lunch, or a snack,
And before you leave home pack some in your lunch sack.
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