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Chapter 2 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
At first, Bella didn't know what to do after cleaning up the house and fixing everything else with a suitcase of cash she found in her basement containing approximately 15 thousand dollars which her father used to say 'Saving these up for emergencies!'. Half of the money she used to make a better living for herself while the other half she used to buy farming supplies and some farm animals.

2 years later, Bella had a decent income and got all the basic needs and some recreational needs, including a television with a game console and a gaming pc(she became a gamer-girl). Her house is the cleanest ever and looks much better due to house planning and new furniture. She farms corn, wheat, rice, potatoes and garden plants including mints, basil and tomatoes. Bella's diet can take on both a human diet and a roc diet, meaning it will be fine if she eats human food or raw meat. Bella's cooking skills are above-average, being able to make pizzas, salads, soup, and a few eastern delicacies.

Bella, inherited from her father, has approximately 3 acres of land. Half an acre for her house and soon-to-be shop, one acre for her greenhouses and barn and the rest one and a half-acre of land is for her major crops(wheat, corn, rice, potatoes) which also had the recently said windmill and is both next to the edge of the forest and river.

Today, Bella is back after another day of hard work in the greenhouse. She now always have the hood on outside of the house except for at night when she hunts, because the area seems to have gotten more densely populated and she got a few neighbours that she rarely talks to. No one knows of her real identity yet, but people are surprised in seeing an 8 foot tall figure -due to a growth spurt in the last year- roaming the countryside, so she always stands out.

She enters the house and took off the rob to stretch her wings, because it strains her wing muscles a bit to keep them folded, so every night she flies for a few minutes to keep them in good condition. She has put one-way mirror films(those kinds of mirrors where from outside you see a mirror but from inside it's just transparent glass) so she could stay hidden but still see the outside world and light. Under her robes, she's normally in her self-knit t-shirts and shorts that have holes on them for her wings and feathery tails.

It was in the afternoon, and there was a knock at her door. She froze for a moment until the man at the door said, "Hello? Construction workers here. Building #134 for a shop?". Bella then sighed, relieved it isn't anybody else. "Coming in a minute," she replied back as she puts on her wizard-like outfit. She goes out to see the man surprised seeing her size but didn't really care. Some people are really sick and possessed by money, but she uses their uncaring behaviour to her advantage.

"That will be 50 grands(one grand is 1000$ for those who don't know)," said the engineer. Bella pulls out an envelope containing 50,000 dollars, as promised, and confirmed the 2-acre piece of land they are going to build on. This money Bella saved up by mostly hunting for the last year so she could sell her farming and livestock products here as she doesn't like the aspect of having to rely on the supermarket or factory in the industrial areas to distribute her working results. And the closest market only opens on weekends and it's 30 minutes away by driving. So she usually flies low there. So by building her shop, not only will it be beneficial to her, but it also contributes to the community to build missing facilities. It will be also a chance to warm up to the other humans so that she would be accepted.

"This will take 4 months if everything goes smoothly and the weather is normal for the seasons," The man says as Bella nods and the construction starts. It was still a bit early and she has done the first few of her daily chores which were gardening in the greenhouse, collecting flour from the windmill, and putting more grains of wheat in. Then she goes to the barn close to the greenhouses to take some eggs from the chickens, milk the cows, and take care of the pigs before going back to the house to have some lunch, remains of last night's deer. It was almost the end of summer, and harvesting season is coming in a few months, where Bella could only plant winter wheat and use heaters for her house, the barn, and greenhouses as winter is coming.

She then goes out, carrying two 10 kg sacks of mints and flew to the nearest village, where a man named Daniel Willsburg, the village chief, orders mints monthly for the demands.

"Bella! Our big girl! Got my orders like always?" He said with a smirk.

"Daniel you cringy boy, stop calling me that!" Bella shouted back, annoyed while handing over the two huge but relatively light bags of leaves.

"We are so lucky to do business with you. Your work yourself fulfil half of the village's demands! How do you do it?" Daniel praised while taking the bags and giving a thousand dollars into what he didn't know was a glove-covered hand of Bella's.

"Will and determination," Bella answered, smirking back under the covers.

"You're gonna make someone snap one day with cryptic answers like that," Daniel said, sighing.

"Do I sound like I care?" Bella taunted again.

"Goddammit, ruining everyone's day don't ya? Well then, have a safe trip home!"

"You too!" Bella shouted back while walking back to the forest to fly unseen.

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