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Chapter 6 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
On sunrise, which is at about 6 am, Bella woke up to her Avian instinctual alarm clock which always wakes her up on sunrise. She stretches out her wings that were draped around her torso. It is easier and it doesn't strain to do so, but it restricts most of her arm movements, so she only does it in her sleep. Outside at work, she folds it instead so she could use her hands properly, even though her wings will end up aching when she comes back home.

She gets up and takes a quick wash before coming down with the robe to see the residue from last night's mess is still there. So it really wasn't a dream, Bella thought while cleaning up. Welp, time to check on the barn. Bella went out through the front door, to be entranced by the view of the sunrise. Even after 2 years of getting used to it, she couldn't escape from its dazzling spell. Ngahhh, I need to control myself or I'll get blind pretty freaking soon.

After finishing with the animals, she went to the flour windmill to check the slot to be half-filled, that's fine. And collected a few kilograms of flour. That's less than normal, but judging by our time outside yesterday, it wasn't windy. So nothing is out of the ordinary. Bella puts the sacks of flour in the storage part of her barn before going to the kitchen to cook some breakfast.

Meanwhile, Mima woke up to the sunlight on her eyes and closes the blinds even more. She takes a quick shower and puts on some fitting pants and shirt before going downstairs to be greeted with the strong smell of bacon being fried. She looks for the source of it to locate it in the kitchen with Bella cooking breakfast. "Morning, Aunt Bella!"

"Mornin' sis."

"Why do you call me a sister?"

"It makes a lot more sense to call someone who is only 4 years younger than you a sister than a niece. You're the weird one here," Bella argued. "Or maybe it stands for sissy instead." This earned a pout from Mima as she watches Bella cook some eggs and bacon with the bread in the toaster.

"After this, we're going to that Heinsfield High to get you the needed books and utensils, aaand, we're going back to town to get you some fitting and good looking clothes," Bella said.

"But isn't this good enough?" Mima asked.

"Girl, if you expect me to allow you to go to school looking like that, then stop dreaming. I'm your temporary guardian right now and you're living in my home which means I get to enforce some rules around here, young ma'am," Bella stated. "Now here's your breakfast."

"Thanks, big sis!"

"Could get used to you calling me that faster than 'Aunt Bella'," Bella sniggered. They ate in silence as Mima tries to catch what Bella looks like behind the hood, but it seems like it is made to keep people hidden and Bella is doing it quite well, not allowing Mima a glimpse of her. Mima gave up and decided to break the silence, "So, what is your daily schedule like in the farm?"

"I feed and take care of the animals in the morning and afternoon, I normally check the greenhouses in the morning or evening because anywhere between that time I'll probably get a heatstroke. And I have a windmill which turns wheat into flour which I check at least once in two days." Bella listed out her daily farm chores.

"It's pretty amazing how much you do for one person. And also at your age, you're pretty huge. Probably the tallest person I've ever seen. The tallest I've ever seen anyone is my Phys.Ed teacher who is taller than me by a head and a half. You seem to outclass him by a head and a half too. Have you got gigantism or acromegaly?" Mima asked.

"No, I don't have whatever you just said. That's the first time I've heard those terms anyways. As for my size, It has to do with my looks which like I told you, I will show you when I'm ready. Now let's go out and walk before it rains at 9 as always this spring season." Bella suggested. Mima agreed and they took 2 bottles of water while walking to the school which has its own personal school store next to it.

They came to the store to be greeted by a man, "Hello, how may I help you?"

"We need some school supplies for this girl named Mima." Bella inquired.

"Yep, we got a Mima Anderson in the school," The man said as he pulled out a notebook and a pen. "Any particular reason why he needs to get new school supplies?"

Mima froze but Bella went with the flow and thought up of an excuse, "She somehow got her school supplies in the river." Bella gave herself a mental pat on the back and Mima sighed, relieved.

"Weird, but that's the second case we've got about the missing things so it's acceptable. Here's a list of the books, here's another for a recommended amount of utensils and Phys.Ed uniform. You can fill out the boxes on what you want her-" The man explained to be interrupted by Bella.

"That's easy. Just get us a copy of every textbook and workbooks and the recommended amount of utensils and notebooks for her grade. And just get two sets of the PE uniform.," Bella stated.

"Very well, that will be 347 $ thank you," The man says as Bella pulls out 350 $ from inside her robe. He then goes back to the storage and brings out everything that was ordered and handed the change. "Here you go, madam."

"Thank you, now we will be on our way," Bella said. She looked at Mima to see a wide smile on her face. Reading it, she spoke before Mima does, "No need to thank me. Because your company isn't the only factor of why I want to take care of you."

"Huh? What was that?"

"Nothing in particular. Now let's get a taxi to the town before rain complicates everything," Bella said

Moving on, they found a taxi with a random driver and had an idle chat about business and news in the local area. But then, grey clouds seem to appear quickly the day went gloomy.

"Rainy weather feels gloomy until you play in the rain," Mima said.

"Playing in the rain? What are you? A 4-year-old?" Bella joked.

"Well, this rain is not something you should underestimate, girls. I heard that there is going to be a storm today on the weather forecast," The man, named Darrel added in.

"A storm! Even better!" Mima screamed.

"Yeah, yeah. Try hiking with this kind of weather and coming home without dirt then I'll treat you like a queen. But certainly, that's not possible," Bella taunted.

"Ok, we arrived. How long will you guys take?" Darrel asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Bella questioned back.

"Well, it will benefit both of us if I wait here so I can come back to the farm areas without losing all that fuel and time and you probably couldn't find another taxi either," Darrel explained.

"Oh, well, as long as a normal girl's clothing shop can be like," Bella joked.

"Then I can't take you, cuz that will be too long," Darrel sighed.

"Luckily for you, we aren't normal girls," Bella said.

"Speak for yourself, sis!" Mima pouted out.

"Ok, seriously, 30 minutes the max," Darrel stated.

"Deal. Now let's hurry up, sis," Bella pulled her hand with the rubber gloves so Mima wouldn't feel her talons.

20 minutes later. The two girls went out with two bags each in their hands. Mima holding the clothes, including skirts, shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, and some typical undergarments. Bella holding some groceries and snacks she bought. But secretly, while Mima was in the toilet, she quickly went into the electronics shop to get Mima a gaming PC set similar to hers and it will be delivered today.

"Guess you girls aren't really that normal. I never met anyone that can shop for clothes and groceries in 20 minutes," Darrel said.

"Was that supposed to be a mock or a compliment?" Bella asked.

"Consider it whatever you want. Now let's get in the car. It's already drizzling," Darrel suggested. They went into the car and went back home in silence other thank another few 'thank you's from Mima. Halfway through the journey, the drizzle has gradually turned into a shower and when they arrived, it was already raining heavily.

"That would normally be 26 dollars, but I'll give you the price of 20$," Darrel stated.

"Thank you, Darrel," Bella said, handing over the cash.

"Who gets to the house less soaked wins!" Mima shouted, running to the house while covering the bags of clothes. Bella just came out casually while covering the shopping bags. What is she doing???

Bella came in the front door to see Mima confused. "What are you doing? Didn't you hear the challenge? I said the person who... gets... home... less ... soaked.............. Your robe is waterproof??????" Mima shouted. "Unfair!"

"Next time, know what your foes can do before doing a challenge that favours them," Bella sniggered.


Just then, a wave of wind and water went through the door. In sync, they both said "Holy Sh**" and Bella quickly closed and locked the door. "Storm's getting pretty riled up," Mima said.

"I'm happy they can water my crops, but I'm starting to worry that they can be unearthed with a storm like this. Let's just hope for the best," Bella sighed.

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