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No matter what your views and belief are on evolution, know that Evolution is debunked.
                   3.          EVOLUTION DEBUNKED
         No          matter what your views and belief are on evolution, you must know          that Evolution is debunked. The greatest opposition to Evolution is          God himself creator of heaven and earth. Where does man come from?          Man lives on average 60 up to 120 years. But evolution says man          developed over millions of years. Pause and think about the          absurdity of this for a moment. Where do babies come from? You can't          have a baby unless people knew each other intimately. The only          virgin birth that ever took place was when Mary was overshadowed by          the Holy Ghost to bring forth the son of God, Jesus Christ born in          Bethlehem. You can't have one person evolve out of a rock that has          been moisturized by acid rain. This is the folly of evolution. It's          not a scientific fact but an evolution theory that has been debunked          by God who said let us make man according to our image and our          likeness. That's right you are the mirror image of your Creator.
         So          the Lord made man in his image and likeness. Adam, he made from          dust, and to dust, he returned. And Eve he made from Adam's rib and          she was bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. So from these two          people, the whole world came into being. You can read their whole          registry in Genesis. They were neither uneducated nor were they          primitive beings as portrayed by Evolution. Unless you weren't to          call farmers primitive and City folks evolved creatures. No, Adam          walked with God in the Garden of Eden and God gave him knowledge,          wisdom, and understanding of every plant, animal, and star in the          heavens. So have they passed on their knowledge and skills to their          children and grandchildren?
         Did          you know that Adam lived to be 930 years before he died? That is a          lot of birthday candles. Up and until the flood of Noah, people          became very, very old. How old was the oldest person in the world?          Methuselah became a whopping 969 years. Wow, it is hard to imagine          at what age they really advanced in years, like people today advance          at age 60 and older. But something happened prior that caused the          rapid corruption in man's DNA that eventually would lead to death          and decay of the world, we live in. Adam sinned.
         God          gave him clear instruction not to eat from the tree of knowledge, of          good and evil. But the serpent, like a conman, tricked Eve and said,          God lied, you will not die. Just take one bite and you will taste          and see. But God did say, that they will surely die when they          disobey. So they ate and found themselves bud naked, and in hiding          from God. Consequently, they were evacuated from paradise where life          never ends, into a world cursed by death and decay. Thus Adam and          Eve became the first people who lost their home, their business, and          eternal life assurance. Yet God did not abandon his creation. But          from this point forward, things did begin to go backward rather than          progressive, as evolution and others have claimed. Knowledge and          technology may increase, but man will not evolve into liquid beings          or superhuman Ai's.
         We          know this from history and documented facts, how angels lost their          powers when they had intercourse with women. This gave birth to a          generation of giants in the earth before the flood that destroyed          man and beast, except for Noah and his family of eight, among the          animals on the Ark. Giants didn't evolve. They were the result of a          mixed breed that God condemned. This explains certain phenomena of          the stone age and the Egyptian Pyramided. These historical facts and          evidence can be found all over the world as recorded in the book of          Genesis where God debunks evolution to its roots.          

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