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Daily Flash Fiction - 12-15-20 - W/C 267
“I need for someone to go get my bracelet. It’s stuck in that yard.”

Mark lived there. He had a nasty dog. That dog could probably chew through barbed wire if it had enough time.

My bracelet sat shining in the middle of the yard, just beyond the fence. Between the fence and the bracelet sat “Charming”. Short for “Prince Charming”. The bracelet flew over the fence when Benji took it off my wrist, and then threw it over there on a dare.

“You need to go get my bracelet, Benji, since you were the jerk that tossed it over there.”

“How much will you pay me?” Benji questioned me. That smirk on his face wanted a slap.

Suddenly Mark appeared in the yard.

“What is this?” He picked up my bracelet. Charming sniffed, then licked the bracelet.

“That’s mine!” I yelled. I’d gotten that bracelet from my grandmother. The charms were given to me each Christmas.

“Huh. Well, you know what they say. Possession is nine tenths of the law. What do you think Charming? Isn’t this charming? Look at those cute little baby charms. Ha!” Mark dangled the bracelet in front of the big black dog. Charming tried to jump up and grab the bracelet.

Angie grabbed my hand, Bill stood behind me, Benji took my other hand. We stood watching this display. I tried not to cry.

Moments went by. Nothing happened.


“Ahhh. I’m just messing with you. I can’t watch a girl cry.” Over the fence sailed my bracelet. It landed at my feet. “There you go, princess. Compliments of Prince Charming.”

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