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Chapter 7 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
“I’ve got a surprise for you later on!” Bella announced.

“Thanks to you, I’ve already been surprised from the hour you took me in,” Mima replied. “But what is- I’m such a bird-brain for asking what the surprise is,” Mima continued as they both giggled.

Bird-brain?, “What does bird-brain symbolize?” Bella asked.

“Someone ridiculously stupid and annoying,” Mima said. Bella flinched when she said stupid but hid it and joined Mima’s giggles. Well, I really can’t blame them humans when the only birds they keep is either stupid enough to crash to a wall or sings every second annoyingly…, Bella concluded.

Bella went to the kitchen to cook some lunch. She made some dough and made it thinner and a circular shape. Then she put some tomato sauce, cheese, basil and salami on it(you know where this is going) and put it into the oven for 10 minutes. She then checks back on Mima as she went to the girl’s room to see her done with her clothes and now organizing the school supplies. Mima didn’t seem to notice Bella coming in and Bella took the chance to go next to her ear and shouted, “You ok there?!”

Mima jumped away, breathing heavily before noticing it was Bella and pouted, “You almost gave me a heart attack!! Other than my heart beating a million times faster, I’m pretty chill.”

“Good. Now, when you’re finished, be sure to come down. Lunch is almost ready.”

“What’s for lunch?”

“Guess by the smell,” Bella said, smelling the pizza with the more sensitive predatorial sense of smell she has.

“Well, I’m smelling nothing.”

“You will when you come downstairs,” Bella said before going down and checking the door. The PC guys aren’t here yet. Well, they did say that they would deliver it at this time if they had no troubles. This storm might’ve stopped them from going. I’ll wait until the storm ends.

She then turns on the news on TV to shortly hear, “It seems like this storm will last for the whole day due to the sheer land area it covers.”

Damn, that just ruined today’s surprise, but it wouldn’t hurt to make it tomorrow.

Just then, Mima comes down the stairs with some more comfy clothes and started sniffing the air. “Pizza???”

“How did you know so quick?” Bella asked in shock.

“I know the smell of baked tomato sauce and cheese,” Mima boasted.

“Well, well. You’re a special one, aren’t ya?”

“I thought you knew that already.” Mima said before a typical ‘ting!’ sounded from the kitchen. “Ooooh, pizzzzaaaaa…” Mima said with her mouth starting to water.

“Patience, young shrine maiden, is the key to those who seek peace,” Bella said mockingly.

“Cut it off already!” Mima scowled as Bella went to the kitchen t get two plates in one hand and a bigger plate on the other having the pizza on top. “Classic pepperoni pizza! Who knew you could be such a good cook without social interactions.”

“Uhh, hello? The PC isn’t only for gaming and business you know?”

“Eh? You never told me you had a PC in your room!” Mima said.

“I did say I am a gamer girl too.”

“But I thought you only meant your PS4 over there,” Mima said while pointing at the game console.

“You are never a true gamer until you have a gaming PC,” Bella jokingly quoted.

“Wisely said by the anonymous gaming wizard,” Mima sneered.

“Dig in, child!” Bella shouted as she took a slice of pizza. Mima almost instantly joined in and relaxed after putting the slice into her mouth. “Pizza’s your favourite?”

“I know I’m good at identifying the smell of food, but identifying favourites just from someone's actions is a lot more impressive and useful,” Mima praised.

Soon they finished and they decide to continue where they left off Big Bang Theory. They watched for another 6 episodes before Bella wanted them to play another game together. While Bella was pulling out dome games, Mima noticed something that caught her eye. "You have Minecraft??"

"Yeah, but I don't play it because I'm confused about how the game works."

"You devil! It's like the best game in the whole world! Everyone knows about it!" Mima complained.

"How could anyone like something as simple as blocks?" Bella questioned back, not ready for an actual answer.

"Ah, that's the whole reason why the game is special. It is simple in graphics and looks, but the way you play the game is diverse," Mima proudly stated. Nothing else special happened as Mima teaches the mechanics and logic of the game to Bella before eating some dinner and cleaning the house.

"Oh my god you sound like my mom about this topic," Mima said.

"You have school tomorrow! You need the energy after everything that had happened. So that means sleeping early! Stop being a stubborn 4-year-old!" Bella argued back while pushing Mima to the bedroom.

"Teenagers don't even sleep this early these days!" Mima argued.

"That's because they don't get their parents killed and got a new guardian and new school supplies!"

Mima's face saddened before saying, "Fine, I'll have a shower first though."

Bella noticed the change of mood and said, "That's fine by me unless you sleep past 9." Bella then kneels down and places a hand on Mima's shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry I brought it up, but you're being such an ass, considering I took you in genuinely without wanting anything back."

Mima sensed the sorry in Bella's voice and immediately felt foolish and guilty. She enveloped or rather tried to, Bella into a hug. "You shouldn't be the one apologizing. I should've been more grateful after what you did. I'm sorry," Mima whispered before breaking down to tears. All the fun with Bella has been the dam holding all the pent up emotions about her family.

Bella was touched by this and hugged her back with her eyes watering. This goes on for a minute before Bella broke the silence, "Don't worry, I'll be there for you..." This eased up Mima's misery as she looks into the abyss made by the hood.

"Now, get yourself clean and go to bed," Bella said. Mima nodded and proceeded to the bathroom.

Bella closed the door and went to her bedroom to take off her robe and stretched her wings. She then checks if the delivery cars for the wheat, flour, and corn are available and ready to go tomorrow. An hour later, she goes out of the room without the hood and checked on Bella to see her sleeping peacefully under the moonlight. She gives her a peck on the cheek before whispering, "Sweet dreams..."

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