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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239816
Chapter 8 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
Mima was peacefully sleeping a dreamless sleep. It was almost 6 am and the sun started to appear on the horizon and the light snaked into the room. But that isn't what woke her up. It's was her pillow being taken and hit to her face a few times that woke Mima up.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Bella shouted with each hit.

"I'm up goddammit!" Mima screamed. She grabbed another pillow and hit Bella with it.

"OHH! Is that how you wanna play? Anonymous wizard versus Shrine Maiden of hell!" Bella taunted.

"Bring it on!" Mima charged to Bella and swung her pillow only for it to be stopped by another. Mima side-stepped a hit and got Bella on her side. This goes on for a few minutes before Mima started panting and said, "Such a way to exercise in the morning!"

"I woke you up for a reason, you know? What time does your school start?" Bella asked.

"7:30, why- OH SH**," Mima ran to the bathroom after looking at the clock in her room. Bella chuckled and went downstairs to prepare some breakfast.

40 minutes later, Mima came down with a bag full of textbooks and notebooks to put in her locker. It was heavy, so Mima was actually limping down to the table. "You ok there?" Bella asked, noticing her restricted movements due to the bag.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"I'm coming with you today. And there's no stopping it," Bella ordered.

"What? Why?! I remember the way there and I'm fine bringing this!" Mima argued.

Bella giggled before saying, "You certainly don't look like you're able to bring that bag for 2 minutes, no doubt 10 minutes."

While Mima didn't fully support it, but she knows Bella is right and she gives out a pout anyways. Bella laughed at her reaction before going to the kitchen and getting two plates with bacon, toast, and eggs on them. She then goes back to the kitchen and gave a paper bag with two sandwiches in it to Mima. "Is this lunch?" Mima asked. "Thanks!"

"No problem, sis. Tell me how it is later on. It's actually an experiment. It's an experiment where you put burger fillings in between slices of bread instead of burger patties."

"Isn't that just like a sandwich?" Mima questioned.

"Almost, but sandwiches don't have thick burger patties in them," Bella said as Mima rolled her eyes. When they finished, Bella picked up the bag with one hand easily. Mima stood there in shock before dismissing it as Bella's actual strength due to her size. But in reality, her roc-half made her strong enough to lift 50kg in one hand with no strain. Heck, she could lift up 200kg up with both hands without feeling much!

"It's 7:10 sis, we need to get out of this box," Bella said, opening the door and stepping aside for Mima to go first.

I really shouldn't be deserving this. I just met someone who just took me in and treated me like I've known her for years. And the only thing she wants is my company? There must be something else hidden behind the scenes, Mima thought before going out the door to walk to school. They had some idle chats, including what school is like this era, what subjects are there, and what is the normal schedules for it.

Something is fishy here. Bella asked and reacted like she never went to school before. Has she though? "Big sis, have you actually been to school before?" Mima asked, only to be met with silence. "Why didn't you go to school?"

"I'll tell you everything when I'm ready, kid. So please, keep your thoughts to yourself for now." Bella muttered. Mima sighed before accepting this hidden side of hers.

The school was starting to appear in their sights and students were starting to stare at them. When they reached the gates, Mima grabbed hold of the heavy schoolbag with one hand before the strain took too much out of her.

"You sure you'll be fine with that?" Bella asked.

"My locker's no longer than a few dozen steps in the school, I'll manage."

"Ok then, see you later."


At lunch break...

"Mima!" A boy the same age as Mima called to her while reaching for a seat in her table.

"Terry! How are you?" Mima asked.

"How are YOU?!"

"Eh, what do you mean?"

Just then, another boy and a girl called out Mima's name and took seats by the table too. They seemed like they were in a haste. "What's wrong, you guys?"

"YOU!!!" They all shouted in unison.

The other girl, named Natasha, spoke up, "We planned a gaming night at Terry's house remember?"

Then the other boy, named James, spoke, "But you never came, we started calling you, but you never answered."

"What happened?" Asked Terry.

"Remember the problem I told you guys about my family and a gang of people?" Mima clarified.

"Yeah, your family owes them quite a sum of cash," Natasha remembered.

"Well, on Saturday, they finally snapped," Mima said. There was silence for half a minute except for all the other students talking and the clattering of cutleries of plates.

"And?" Terry broke the silence. "What did they do?"

Mima sighed before saying, "They killed my mother and burned the house down. I managed to escape into an alley."

"What is this, Batman but you're batwoman?" James joked.

"THIS AIN'T A JOKE JAMES, IT REALLY HAPPENED!" Mima growled. The other two agreed. James looked down in guilt and embarrassment

"So how are you here, perfectly fine?" Natasha questioned.

"In the alley, I was caught by those men and they wanted to rape and kill me," This earned two gasps from the boys and a flinch from Natasha. "But someone knocked them out and saved me. She also took me in for the meantime. I don't know if my uncle and aunt have heard from here."

"Wait, the hooded giantess took you in? Is that why you were with her going here?" Natasha asked.

"Hooded giantess?" Mima said before laughing. She stopped and finally answered the question, "Yes, she was the one who saved me and took me in. What do you know about her?" Mima asked, knowing that Natasha lives somewhere close to the school too.

"Well, mainly, she doesn't go out and socialize that much. No one knows her name. And the weirdest thing is, she just appeared here 2 years ago, never showing herself. She doesn't have a car, and no taxi brought her here. A big mystery she is in this area. What do you know about her?"

"Her name is Bella, and she's a mysterious goof. We game and watch Netflix for free time. She jokes around a bit annoyingly, and she woke me up this morning for school by grabbing the pillow I was sleeping on and hitting me with it. It became a full-on pillow fight," Mima reminisced.

"Bella doesn't seem bad, actually, she seems kinda fun," James commented.

"What I find weird is that she took me in without hesitation and after a few hours, treated me like a sister she never had. And the only thing she wants from me is my company? I actually think that there is something deeper than that. I think something connects us somehow and only she knows what," Mima suspected.

"That's a very perceptive view, is it from the facial expressions she shows?" Terry asked.

"The other weird thing is, even though I'm going to live with her, she doesn't seem to be ready to show me her looks yet. Inside the house, she also uses that hooded robe. And also, I think she never went to school," Mima stated.

"That just added to the mysteries," James said.

"But she seems to be really good at her job. And I think she is also very strong because when I was bringing the new copies of the textbooks to school, I struggle picking it up, while she picked it up like it was nothing. She's only 18, by the way," Mima said. James stopped himself from scooping his salad, Natasha choked on her juice, and Terry's eyes went wide.

"She's only 18??!" They shouted in unison.

"She's gigantic!" Natasha said.

"Why isn't she in college and why is she living alone in such a big house?" Terry asked.

"I don't know that either, but she must've been lonely for two years," Mima said.

"Wait so she took you in, bought you new clothes and school stuff, gave you a room with more complete furniture, and treated you like a sister? Oh my god, she is so nice," Natasha said.

"I know right?" Mima replied.


"Welp, we need to go, see you guys later!" Mima said. Then they parted for the day.
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