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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239822
Chapter 13 of 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
On the way home, they were talking about Leila's reputation and what she is known for. Including how she has been in the same school from the start and how she lives in the next town, the town Mima used to live in. The conversation ended halfway home and it reminded Mima of her aunt and uncle. I really want to stay here longer, but neither I or Bella have more control of this situation other than them. And my mother's will also plays a big part in this. No one can stop that unless it is something that cannot be done... Mima thought.

Bella noticed Mima's sudden change of expression and asked, "Is something wrong? Did something negative happen at school?"

"It is, in a way, negative. But it has nothing to do about school or the students."

"What is it?"

"The principal is a former police officer, so he found out about what happened to my parents. And for all I know, he tried to help calm down and prevent the people my family owed from doing anything harsh. So he found out about my parents and consulted me about it. The school won't stop me from staying with you, but they reminded me of my relatives from the other side of the country and said they will come in a week or two. I forgot about them and had already got my mind on living with you. I don't know what to do, because their choices are stronger than ours and they have my mother's will, which will also add in majorly to what the future will be for me." Mima sourly explained.

"I.. really have nothing to say about that. As much as I want you to stay, I can't force your relatives with my choices. You might think that all that I did to you was in vain, but don't think like that, child. You gave me good memories even if you leave. I might not get as much as I expected, but it is still worth it. Although the school stuff does seem useless, does it?" Bella half-joked. But it seemed that it didn't help Mima's thoughts. "Look, kid, don't worry about me. I wasn't the one that lost my parents due to a mysterious event in the woods which also affected your mother to last Saturday's event. So, cheer up! No need to worry about me. It's yourself who you should be worrying about!"

"Even though I lost my parents through unknown circumstances, at least I still have relatives. How about you?" Mima asked. This question went to Bella's mind like a bullet. The flashbacks to all those thoughts of loneliness, why was she different and why couldn't she go make some friends hit her like a train. She stopped walking for a few seconds.

Mima reciprocated this move and was about to ask what was wrong when Bella let out a statement with a heart-stopping tone of voice, "Never. Bring that up. Ever." Mima froze in the same stance for a few seconds as Bella started walking again. It was a few more seconds before Mima recovered and jogged to catch up.

"I-I-I'm sor-ry," Mima managed to sputter out, still in fear with Bella's mood. Bella sighed.

"It's alright. Just... please, I don't have good memories of the past. Only I can bring that up. Because my anger speaks for me if someone else does without my consent," Bella said. The rest of the way home was filled with silence.

When they arrived, Mima went to her room to organize some school stuff and homework while Bella said that she is going to test Leila's number. She pulls out the slightly wrinkled piece of paper and dialled the number.

["Hello? Who is this?"]

"You are a wizard, Leila."

["But I'm just Leila."]

"Well, 'just Leila', you're a wizard."

["But I'm just Leila!"]

"No, just Leila, you – are a wizard!"

["Listen here Bella, I'm just Leila!"] Laughs cannot be hold anymore when Leila said this line and they laughed together like old friends.

"God, you're so cool."

["I know right?"]

"So, this is truly your number?"

["Yeah, I'm using my phone in a car right now. Hey, wanna hang out this weekend?"]

Bella thought about it. She could be my very first true friend that doesn't treat me any more than a friend or best friend, but she might ask too many sensitive questions. But this should actually be my first step to trying to fit into the human community without anybody thinking I'm a monster. "Yeah, that'll be fine. At my house? Saturday afternoon?"

["Are you sure? Why don't we go somewhere out? Or are you too introverted to?"] Leila said in a mocking tone.

"Well yes, but actually no. And stop calling me a full-on introvert. I have work to attend to so I can't talk much now. So I'll give my address to you tomorrow. Talk to you tomorrow afternoon after your school's done! Bye!"

["OK then, this was quick, bye!"] Tuuut.

Well, that went better than I thought. I'm even more surprised that she also caught the reference to that scene. Bella thought as she went to the barn.

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