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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239825
Chapter 16 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
"So, we really want to know more about you, Bella," Anderson said.

Shit, what should I say to that? Maybe I'll just give half-truths to their questions. "Ok, what do you want to know about me?" Bella said.

"Well, you are a very kind person and must be raised well. Who are your parents and where are they?" Felice asked.

"Well, there is not a time where I lived with both my parents at the same time, actually..."

"What happened?" Felice dug deeper.

Bella paused for a moment to think up what she would tell and what she wouldn't. "My father took me from my mother from the day I was born, so I didn't meet her for the first ten years of my life. But when I was 10, my mother got me back from my father and... killed him. And I was raised by her for 6 years. Before she let me live on my own here. That's the summary."

"Awwh, you poor thing! Why did you choose to stay here? Where is your mother now?" Anderson asked.

"I... didn't have a choice..." Bella muttered. She was about to continue but got cut off as Felice gasped.

"Your mother kicked you out?! What kind of parent is she?! Who's house is this exactly?" Felice shouted out.

Bella flinched a little from Felice's reaction before answering, "When my father died, it was in the legal papers that I was supposed to be the one to inherit his property, which is this now. My mother never lived here."

"Who is your mother?! She sounds like a devil! I know it must hurt her that your father took you from her and this is his fault, but having to kill him is a very exaggerated action! I need to meet whoever this woman is and punch her in the face!" Felice growled out.

Bella held a laugh imagining Ms Felice trying to hurt her mother. "I really don't know anymore, Ms Felice. I haven't seen my mother in 2 years, I'm starting to think she has moved," Bella lied. Bella knows exactly that her mother is still in the same cave due to some very careful spying.

"Well, at least probably your father raised you to be this kind and determined woman in front of us, and we are grateful for that, as you are the person that saved our niece," Anderson stated. "Although may I know how everything happened? From the start?"

Mima finally chimed in, "It was more like an ambush. In the early morning on Saturday two weeks ago, thugs started breaking through the doors and windows. Me and my mom tried to escape, but... but... she got caught and told me to run out the window, which I did. When I went out... I h-heard a g-gunshot." Mima starts sniffing as tears came out of her eyes, having to relive the memories of that day like it was just yesterday. "I ran for as long as I can until I reached the centre of the town and sat in an alley crying. After about half an hour, the same thugs somehow found me there and wanted to r-rape me before k-killing me. It was scary, they managed to do a scratch and a gash with a knife on my left hand. But then, I heard a weird screech as Bella came in and beat three guys up and scared the last one by pointing at the man a pistol that was used by the other man who wanted to kill me and was knocked out. After a few consolations from Bella, the men started stirring and we used a taxi to get out of there and Bella ended up taking me in until now," Mima finished explaining.

"Why, in the heat of the moment, did you decide to charge into the situation?" Anderson asked Bella, cringing a bit at the thought of being hit by the big hands he shook.

"I had... unpleasant memories that I don't want to talk about that triggered me at that moment to attack them," Bella answered hesitantly.

"Well, whatever happened to you, I am truly sorry for you to experience it," Felice comforted.

Unknown to everyone else in the room, Bella's eyes are actually tearing up under the hood. They don't know that I saw Mima's father, their sibling, get murdered and eaten in front of my eyes. I can't not feel guilty not telling them what happened to him. Bella feels frustrated that she couldn't do anything in that event. Something snapped her back to reality.

"Nothing too personal, but may I know why you took Mima in?" Felice asked.

"Uhh... I... I..." Bella started stuttering, trying to make up something that they could believe, but her mind keeps coming back to the real reason why she took Mima in. The guilt of what her mother did to Mima's father as Bella's mind keeps replaying the pleads of help and the moment that his head got severed. She was about to break down there before Mima realized what the pause meant and took the chance to answer herself.

"For all I know, Bella never had any close relationship other than with her parents for her whole life. She was just lonely and needs someone to talk to after two years without being with her parents. Not until a week ago did Bella had any friends." Bella was shocked and confused for a second on why Mima would tell them that even after telling her yesterday not to. But she thought back in the situation and gave an approving nod to Mima, realizing how this is better than having to break down or tell them the main reason why she took Mima in.

"Bella, dear, that just multiplied my sympathy for you. You must've lived such a seclusive and depressing life like that. I'm happy that you managed to change your life by yourself for the better," Felice expressed.

"Thank you," Bella replied.

"Just know that our creator up in the heavens is watching everyone and will help those who help others. Take comfort and act on that idea," Anderson consoled.

"Uhh... Thanks for the consolation, but I'm an atheist, sooo... eheh," Bella awkwardly muttered.

Anderson made an embarrassed face, "Oh, hehe."

Just then, a grumble seemed to be coming from Mima's stomach, and as everyone looked at her direction, she blushed a light shade of red. Everybody else laughed before Bella realized she was also hungry, "Well, that organ of yours sure has the right idea. I'm hungry too. Let me cook something for all of us." Bella then went to the kitchen.
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