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Chapter 17 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
When Bella is out of everyone's sight, Anderson sighed, "She seems to be a very nice self-raised person. No one could be that nice and socialized with just her parents. Others would have become introverts and lock themselves from the community, but not her. Bella tries to help others. Like the shop! She uses her ability and skills in business to see that there are no shops in this area and people only get things by trading or most frequently by driving at least 20 minutes to the next town. And she tries to fix the problem by risking her own gain to build a shop. It's a win-win situation if Bella is successful to do so, and I hope that. What do you think, Mima? How did she treat you for the last few weeks?"

"There are times, like something about school, wellbeing, cleanliness or bedtimes, where Bella becomes motherly and makes rules to go strict on it. And it's not like she wanted me to go that early. It's like 'Mima, it's your bedtime because you need the optimum amount of sleep to get your highest scores for school tomorrow' or 'I know this salad doesn't taste that good, but the bitterness and sourness in it belong to a very healthy plant and you need to finish it or I'll shove it in', Mima imitated Bella's voice. "Anything out of those four topics, we treat each other like sisters. I call her big sis or anonymous wizard informally, and she calls me lil sis or shrine maiden."

Felice put on a confused face, "Why shrine maiden?"

"The first night I was here, there were some of her old clothes that fit me, and one of them was a kimono, which I chose to wear and show myself to Bella. She started calling me shrine maiden, a.k.a shrine maiden of hell starting from that day. Anyways, Bella is that kind of person where she is very formal to someone new, but as you get to know her, she gets a bit annoying, like an annoying sister. She plays a lot of pranks on me in the morning in bed, her jokes are irritating, and bad in that case," Mima giggled. "Oh! And she is also a gamer girl like me. If you haven't noticed, that's a PS4 in that cupboard, and she has a gaming PC set in her room. And she bought me one too! We played a lot with it and I used it for school research too. Overall, I think she is very nice but annoying when you get to know her," Mima concluded.

"That's good to hear," Felice said as Anderson nodded to her. "Would you want to stay here in the meantime?"

At that time, Mima was drinking and she almost choked hearing that question. She managed to gulp first before shouting, "Hell yeah!" a bit too enthusiastically. This earned two shushes.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" A question sounded from the kitchen.

"Nothing too important!" Mima answered before giggling.

Anderson sighed and talked in a quieter voice but still noticeably irritated, "We are talking about this when Bella's gone for a reason, you know?"

"Sorry..." Mima squeaked out.

Just then, a smell came into the dining table, making the other two adults make a grumble too. "Lunch is ready!" Bella came out of the kitchen, each hand holding two plates of some great looking pasta. She handed down the plates in front of each person and sat down herself while saying, "Bon appétit!"

When Felice looked, she recognized right away that it was some Aglio e olio pasta. When she puts some in her mouth, it was like pasta had a queen. The saltiness and greasiness are perfect, the spiciness is at the exact level that keeps you wanting more. "Wow! You seem to have an affinity with cooking!"

Bella started scratching the back of her head, "It's nothing really. Recipes, adaptations, and repetition."

"This is absolutely delicious!" Anderson commented.

Mima smirked and said, "Not surprising anymore to me."

"Hey, I think you could join next year's Masterchef!" Felice recommended.

Bella froze, "Uhhh.... I.... Uhh..."

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Felice said, understanding the seclusive characteristic of Bella. "Ok, down to real business. We haven't read it yet, but we have... your mother's will with us!" Felice said as she took out an envelope. Everyone tensed up. "Let me look for the part about Mima and...
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