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Chapter 18 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
...it says..." Felice paused again in a mocking manner making the others tense up again. "That she wants Mima to be taken care of by someone who is fully able to support her life requirements." She says as she rolls up the will and puts it in the bag again.

There was half a minute of silence before Mima decides to break the silence, "Soooo, what does that mean for me?"

Anderson sighed and said, "I don't know. Felice, we need to talk."

Felice understood the urgency of the situation and got excused with Anderson. Bella was about to say thank you to Mima for supporting her when she talked with her relatives before but then stopped herself, remembering it's not normal for full humans to hear a quiet conversation blocked by a wall. The question 'what's going on over there' was only for decoy so that they would suspect less. But she can hear much quieter sounds compared to them due to her roc hearing sense.

Anderson and Felice went outside, close to the crops. "Well, I think that she should be comfortable with Bella," Felice blurted out.

Anderson was shocked, "Why so quick to that conclusion?!"

"Sheesh, think again. I have two children and a near-crisis on funds. Going for this trip would make an impact on my work too. It would take a few months for me to recover, and with Mima, we'll be bankrupt. And you're on your majors. What the hell is Mima gonna do in a flat on the edge of the city? And also, with making her stay here, we don't need to complicate everything with school and moving," Felice snapped.

Anderson was a bit scared of this sudden outburst. "Jeez, calm down!" He then thought of everything Felice said, "Well, the will said someone who can fully take care of her..."

"And right now, Bella is the only adult here that can do that! We should let Mima stay here for some time or maybe permanently if Bella is willing to. I know how to read people by their movements and eyes, and I can see that she wants to stay here. This is her hometown. Even if she has some bad memories here, she is familiar with this place and has friends and school here. We can't just take her from all that right away."

"Fine, but in one condition," Anderson finally said. "I want to know what she looks like."


"Because I need to know if she really is 18, looks trusting, and I want you to read her eyes like how you creepily read Mima's and others'."

Felice sighed, "Alright then, kinda unreasonable but probably acceptable. We might also help if she has a bad skin condition or just does not look good." Finishing that, She started walking back in the house with Anderson following her steps.

Meanwhile, Bella, a hypocrite, was eavesdropping on them, standing next to the window, because Mima told her not to keep spying(looking) at them. She was sipping some tea on the seat closest to the window and secretly listening in. Mima was jittering around, waiting for them to come in.

Bella heard Felice's outburst and almost jumped from her seat and shout 'woohoo!' in happiness, but contained herself. Ms Felice seems to have a lot of trust in me to already choose that. Although she has valid reasons for it too.

Just to confirm what Felice said, Bella asked Mima, "Do you have any cousins?"

"Yes, I do. A 9-year-old boy named Hans and a 15-year-old girl named Elisa."

"So they didn't come with your aunt?"

"How'd you know it's from my aunt's side?" Mima asked suspiciously.

Bella knew that slipped, but she took the difference in age between the two relatives, "Duh, common logic. Your uncle doesn't seem much older than me. Seems at most mid-20s. Your aunt is probably almost 40, so I naturally thought your cousins are from your aunt's side."

I'm stupid. Mima thought, perfectly knowing that her uncle is 24 and still doing majors and her aunt is 37. "Your numbers are accurate."

"I know," Bella said, then heard the part where Anderson wanted to know what she looked like. She tried to not freeze up but failed. Mima didn't notice though. Why? Why must that be the condition? I don't want to show them myself yet. What if they then fear me? All these thoughts were stopped when Mima's relatives came into the house.

"Bella, can we talk? Somewhere else?" Felice asked. Bella nodded, hiding the fears she has. Bella led them upstairs into the guest room, which is actually a replica of the other two bedrooms but is called the guest room because no one used it. The room has already be cleaned to look like Mima's room when she just came in.

"This is the guest room. The room you two will stay in tonight," Bella informed them.

"This is very nice. Thank you," Felice replied.

"So, Bella, what do you think about Mima and how long are you ready to take her in for?" Anderson asked.

"Mima is a very nice and understanding girl. She is fun to play and talk with. She is a victim to the pranks I've been waiting for long to do. Don't get anything wrong! It's just messy and wet! Nothing lethal. Hehe," Bella blurted out after seeing Felice and Anderson's shocked expressions.

"Give me examples of what you already did to her," Anderson suspiciously asked.

"Uhhh... I only have done pranks in the morning, to wake her up or after her waking up. There's the classical bucket on doorsill one, waking her up with honey, and the very first one was putting flour on her face so she could panic when she looks at the mirror," Bella reminisced.

Both Felice and Anderson nodded, "Acceptable. For the second question?" Felice asked.

"Well, I'm not too sure but it sounds nice if Mima can live with me... Wait, I didn't mean that!" Bella tried to save the situation, but it was too late. She forgot again that they didn't know she can hear them from the window before. But they interpreted it as a different thing.

"I can see that you did, Bella. That's all we need to know. Because right now, we both can't follow the will's requirements. I am in a little situation with cash and Anderson here is still doing his majors. And also, I'm sure Mima wouldn't be comfortable leaving his friends and having to go to a new one in an unfamiliar urban environment." Bella nodded.

"But I just one to know one thing, Bella. What do you look like and why exactly do you keep that disguise on all the time?" Anderson asked. Bella didn't anticipate this question. She thought that he will order her to put her disguise off.

"I-I.." Bella stuttered.

"I've read about a few things, including those that have a skin condition that people can't be exposed to any UV light at all, which, other than the sun, is emitted also by certain types of light. Are you one of them?" Felice explained.


"Dear, you can't hide it from someone like me. I know if people lie by their tone itself. So I took note that you didn't answer and Mima had to. I noticed you almost broke down before. I know that there is a different, more serious reason than just company. We need to know what that is," Felice stated.

"Felice, you're getting creepier every minute! Don't do that! It's like spying," Anderson said.

"Shut up and let Bella speak!" Felice snapped.

Welp, and I thought Mima would be the first person who will know the truth. A big change of plans. "Fine, but promise that you won't run or scream. And don't, EVER, tell anybody else about me. That includes Mima. I'll show her on my own pace," Bella sighed.

Felice and Anderson looked at each other weirdly as those are abnormal requirements for anybody to say, "Of course we promise! Why would we scream or run away from such a kind soul like you?" Felice asked.

"Because of this..." Bella said as she pulls her hood off over her head...

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