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Santa & his loyal crew get their first Vacation. What happens in the NP, Stays in the NP
Twas the night before Christmas, and not a creature was stirring, not even one damn drunk mouse. Up in the North Pole, In Santa's super-secret billion-dollar bunker and toy factory, his plump ass lounged by the pool sipping frozen margaritas without a care in the world wearing nothing but a banana hammock speedo.

Giving a whole new meaning to the words "Letting it all hang out."

In a room not that far away, Rudolph's nose glowed so bright as he plowed poor Comets juicy rump with rapid double pumps. Blitzen watched on in awe as he waited for his turn with Rudolph, the Red-nosed Pumpanator. Damn, Rudolph was a machine! Soon everyone would want a turn with him, even poor old unsatisfied Mrs. Claus. The room lit up red, and Rudolph let out a grunt so deep and loud it roared like thunder.

Back by the pool, The fat man decided he needed his barely legal sex slaves by his side. No wonder ol Mrs. Clause was unsatisfied. She knew his penis was just way too small for anyone's pleasure. Silly fat man couldn't even satisfy an elf.

In the toy factory, a party raged on, half naked bodies sweating to EDM's pounding beats and other Techno. Alcohol flowed freely, and drugs were passed around like candy. In every corner, large orgies were being held. Everyone invited! Hot, sweaty elf sex, free for the taking if you wanted to partake. Many did without a care in the world.

As you maybe have already figured out, folks, Christmas is cancelled this year. Santa won't be coming to your home. The only coming he will do is probably over a young elf's face because he is a sick bastard. A good question to ask is how did Christmas get this way?

Let me tell you how. Because there are groups of people out there who think this pandemic is fake, won't follow health orders, or wear masks. You brought this on yourself. You gave Santa and his elves the Christmas off, so they take part in such unspeakable acts. You, Yes, you should be ashamed. When one American is dying every minute of the day. The world is shit, and many are to blame.

Enjoy Christmas 2020 fuckers. The year Santa never came.
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