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How do you communicate with others? Do you put thought into it?
Caring communication

Have you ever helped someone and then later think to yourself “how could I have handled that better?” If you are like myself and have a lot of empathy towards others, you probably do it a lot. I’m always a worrier and hope I worded things the right way, especially if it’s a delicate situation I’m helping someone with and I need to be extra careful with their feelings. I think certain cues are equally important, it’s easy to give off the wrong vibe if your words say one thing but your body language says another. Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone and then I realize my hands are on my hips and I’ll change my posture because having your hands on your hips can look aggressive, I remember in some of my communication classes learning that people are more comfortable if you kind of mirror their posture when you’re communicating.

I think one of the most important things you can do when communicating with someone is to listen. Imagine you are telling someone something important and they were only half way listening, maybe checking their phone etc. You may feel like they don’t care or that they are bored with the conversation and can’t wait to get away. This plays into empathy, I think when you’re trying to understand how something makes someone feel it’s always good practice to imagine yourself in their shoes.

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