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Raul goes house hunting
The door creaked open.
Raul hesitated, took a deep breath, and then pushed it open the rest of the way. He was tall, and the doorway was far too small for his size, so he ended up entering the house hunched over like an oversized cripple-backed troll. The hallway spread out in front of him, pale off-white wallpaper with a warm rose red carpet flooring. There was a mirror on one of the walls, and a small coffee table near the doorway. Raul looked around for somebody to come out - he had a house viewing meeting now, but he had still yet to see a single soul. The door shouldn’t have even been open, unless his new prospective housemates had a strange idea for security. He was just about to call out a greeting when he heard heavy footsteps coming out of the kitchen.
‘Oh you’re early!’’ a young spritely high ponytailed woman walked towards him, arm extended out. They shook hands, and he learned her name was Paige. She had a firm handshake, reassuring and strong. Raul still towered over her, but this was not unusual, it usually happened with everybody he met.
‘’You’re very welcome here’’ she exclaimed. She turned and gestured towards the house.
‘’This is a four bedroom house, and we have satellite TV, a dishwasher and a dryer too. They walked towards the kitchen. It was big, with an island counter in the middle of the room. Raul could hear the low churning of the dishwasher working away, a sound he found comforting.
‘’And this is the living room’’ Paige continued. A huge flat screen LCD TV adorned the wall ,with expensive looking, sneak new speakers attached to the sides. Raul was not so much of a TV person, his subscriptions to netflix, disney plus and amazon prime video were more than enough. Still, no harm in having the TV though, he decided. Maybe it could become a social thing where they all watch something together. Raul’s current place was a bit of a dump. It was small cramped, and was filled with crazy personalities. Just this morning he was threatened by his weirdo hippy looking housemate, who tried to convince him that he was going to buy a bomb. Raul wasn’t sure if he ewas just joking again in his awful sense of humour, or if he was serious. Either way, it was time to move. Get out. Find somewhere else.
‘’It looks great’’ he said.
‘’And how many bedrooms do you have available at the moment?’’
Paige started leading him upstairs. They reached a small landing with two rooms that had the door wide open.
‘’Just these two for the moment’’ she said. The closest doorway was open to reveal a tiny box room, barely big enough for the bed, and a strangely large looking wardrobe in the corner that looked like it had no business being there. The next room was much bigger, with an absolutely enormous wardrobe that stretched from one end of the wall to the other. A large double bed fit snugly into the corner of the room.

‘This one’s quite nice’’ Raul remarked. And it was true, it was big enough, and clearly had plenty of space. The only thing left now was to ask how much the rent was and see if it was sky high.
‘So this one is €750 a month including bills’’ Paige said, as if reading his mind.
Perfect. Just under his budget.
‘’I think I’ll take it’’ he said, turning to Paige. She looked momentarily shocked, but then smoothed over and a huge smile stretched across her face.
‘’Perfect,’’ she said. They shook hands.
Raul was over the moon with joy. Finally, he could get out of the hellhole of a house he was in, and move in with normal, sane poeple. Maybe this was a new beginning, a new opportunity. Raul smiled wholeheartedly at Paige.
‘We’re always looking for more people to play our house game with’’ she said.
‘Game?’ Raul said, confused. What on earth could she be talking about? He had just decided that his new housemates were not crazy.

‘Yes’ Paige said.
‘’Chasing rainbows in the rain’’.

Word count: 699 Words

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