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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2239856
Excerpt from a story about flying squirrels who attack a communications tower.
Matt reached the top of the tower, then pulled out his walkie-talkie.

"Ok, Dan. I'm ready. Is the rope secure?"

Dan closed the shackle, locking it in place.

"Yep. Go ahead," Dan radioed back.

Matt began hoisting the tools up to the top of the tower. He had the bag a quarter of the way up when he heard what he thought was insects flying around. He paused for a moment, listened, and then decided not to worry about it. He continued to hoist the bag to the top. As he pulled, he noticed that the sound was getting louder. After about a minute, he stopped.

He pressed the button on his walkie-talkie. “Hey, do you hear that?

“Hear what?” asked Dan.

“I don’t know. I thought it was some bugs or something,” said Matt.

“You see any bees up there?” said Dan.

“No, and I don’t see a nest either. Hold on.”

Matt began looking around, trying to find out where the sound was coming from. Then, he stopped and gazed out over the forest.

“Hey, I think I see something.”

At first, he thought it was a flock of birds with brown feathers. But when they got closer, and the sound that he now realized was screeching, Matt’s jaw dropped open. Headed right for him was a large armada of about 50 flying squirrels!

Even though it was dangerous, Matt didn’t waste any time. He scrambled down the tower as fast as he could, half climbing, half sliding down the tower! He was almost to the bottom when they hit.

The squirrels slammed into the tower, which shook from the impact, and quickly began severing cables and biting off parts. With only about 3 or 4 feet to go, Matt dropped to the ground, and scrambled to get away from the parts that were falling from the top. When he got to a safe distance, he quickly spun around.

He and Dan watched in silent shock, as the mass of furry, flying rodents made short work of the tower equipment. When the squirrel armada sailed away, there was nothing left of the top of the tower except bent and broken antennas and twisted metal.
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