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Lack of snow gets Norm in trouble.
So You Want Snow!

Norm Weatherly was a television weatherman in a place we all know. He was short, tubby and very hairy. His eyes were hidden behind thick glasses and his teeth were slightly protruding. He was a popular guy, was Norm.

Everybody tuned in to his hourly forecasts and laughed at his antics and the jokes he told. For the most part, Norm was a good weather prognosticator. Except for one fateful year!

This one year, Norm began predicting that snow would be coming early. He also said it would be heavy and blowing. So the inhabitants of the place we all know, waited with baited breath.

The kids got out their snow toys, the adults their snow machines. Everyone stocked up on hats, socks and mittens of the warmest kind. Then they waited.

It was well into November and there was still no snow. Norm doggedly continued to predict it day after day. But it didn’t come!

The station began to get irate phone calls about Norm’s weather reports. Reluctantly, they took Norm off the air and replaced him with recordings of the reindeer games, present and past.

Poor Norm, he was so depressed! He mopped around the station, obsessively tidying up people’s desks and making endless pots of coffee. When it was suggested he go home, he refused to budge, since the station was his home and here he would stay until he got to do the weather again.

Day after dreary day of sun and clear skies began making the people of the place we all know, cranky and mean. Just before the big day; lazy, feather-like flakes began to fall. Everyone was overjoyed by the sight.

Except Norm. Actually, it was hard to tell what he might be feeling because he’d disappeared. The snow continued to fall without ceasing.

Soon folks just wanted it to stop for a while! But it didn’t. People were stuck inside because there was nowhere to put all the snow that was still falling.

Roofs creaked and groaned with all the weight on them. Schools had to be closed and kids soon got bored with life indoors. The city workers cleaned the roads continuously and struggled to find places to dump the snow.

Even The Big Guy wasn’t sure if he could do his yearly job at all. Supplies that he needed in his factory were either much delayed or not coming at all. He felt it was headed for disaster, this year of all years!

During all this, there was still no sign of Norm Weatherly. Everyone began to resent his sudden vanishing act. Many felt he should have stayed to help out at least. But since no one knew where he was, they couldn’t go and get him.

Just when the residents were about to resign themselves to perpetual snow, it stopped. Gradually it began to melt. People got to leave their homes at last and were overjoyed. Even the Claus man had been able to make his run after all.

In no time it was February second. To everyone’s astonishment, the reindeer game broadcast was pre-empted by…Norm Weatherly. But was it?

He stood naked in front of the cameras, drowsy and rumpled. Norm proceeded to explain his absence. It seemed he had been living a lie. In reality, he was a groundhog!

Then Norm dropped a bombshell. He’d seen his shadow and everyone could expect winter to go on a little longer! The station cut him off just as he said that and went looking for the faux weatherman.

They found him in a burrow near his weather equipment. He had fallen back to sleep so soundly, no one could wake him. Needless to say, the station had to find a new weatherman.

Peter Prognosticator was perfect for television. He was an elf with a jolly personality and an eclectic taste in work clothes. Since he loved the sixties, Peter dressed accordingly.

It didn’t take long for him to be dubbed the Hippy Dippy Weatherman by the viewers. Santa hired a new elf in his place and was glad to see Peter had found his niche.

As for Norm, he was happy he’d found himself too.

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