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Poem for those tired of waiting and tired of having things they love taken away from them.
I guess I’ll just wait,
Like I keep being told to.
Like I haven’t been waiting my whole damn life.
Like I wasn't born for this.

It’s okay…

This is just a casual thing that I’ll let roll off my back.

I swear to you I'm fine.
It’s only my destiny.
It’s only the love of my life.
I only felt the earth move and a fire in my veins.

I’ll just stand here quietly,
While you rip it out of my hands.
I won’t scream and cry and carry on,
While I watch my whole world being taken from me.

I will swallow the pill of patience.
I will choke down the consolation of “If it’s meant to be…”
I will lay here drowning in all this utter bullshit told to me.
Because what choice do I really have?

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