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His eyes, forest of green,
I got lost right before i dove into my thoughts
because i hesitated,
rumours have raided my head,

Got tired of waiting,
came to every show,
watched you leave with some other girl,
but its okay

You said "look into my eyes, we are not the same"
My heart snapped like your guitar string,
that day you got too frustrated playing

I got you that guitar,
said you would go very far,
and you did

Tears rolled down your cheeks almost every night,
you were fighting,
searching for a will to live,
for a reason not to give in
but here you are staring at the stars
that was the day we were apart for the first time
the day i left you for the first time

I regret it,
something was messing,
but i know your over it,
like i was over you that day

Still feel your hands on my hips,
the kiss of your lips,
the backseat of my car,
you'd always say how crammed it was,
but there we were,
every night finding a way to make each other smile

Nearly two years go by,
still trying so damn hard to get your attention
so i can start confessin

Never will i forget that forest of green,
or those pale cheeks,
the music you are,
the stars,
You always said you'd go to mars

Now i get high,
to time travel back through time,
your scent,
your voice,
imprinted in my mind,
you told me i got stars for eyes,
I guess stars also die


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