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by poki
Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2239909
Autumn and her friend are walking around Cincinnati, Ohio, when something happens..
Autumn walks around Cincinnati, Ohio with her friend Jamie. They end up getting lost, so they turn around to find someone else following them... They both turn around back to the direction they were walking, and walk faster, in fear for their lives as they were in an unfamiliar place. The unidentified person continues to follow them, and seemingly having bad intentions for both of them. Autumn and Jamie look over their shoulders, only to see the person now going the same speed as them, they start to run. The unidentified person still continues to follow them, watching their every move and reaction to what he does. He is also going the same speed as them. Once again, Autumn and Jamie look over their shoulder, only to see the same man again. But now, he is slowing down. He looks like he's about in his 40s or so. He is wearing a navy blue suit, from what they can see. Yet as they look away, he slips into the alleyway. Unable to be seen by Autumn and Jamie.

Autumn and Jamie kept walking around after that incident. “Do you know who that was?” Autumn asked Jamie. Curious as to why that man was following them. Jamie responds with, “no, I don’t. He was probably some creep so we shouldn’t bother with him.” “I know, but it still feels creepy that he was chasing us, and then just disappeared.” Autumn says, feeling kind of scared and worried. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure he wasn’t even trying to chase us, he might’ve thought we were running from something or someone else.” Jamie says, chuckling at her own joke. “Maybe, but let’s try to find our way home. It’s already gotten really dark.” Autumn responds, sounding eager to get home. “Alright.” Autumn and Jamie turn around, since they finally figured out they were going the wrong way. They continue walking, until they finally reach the apartment building they both stayed in. They enter, but one of the people sitting down in the lobby, looks like the same man who was following them. Autumn notices this, but thinks it’s just a coincidence and walks over to the elevator. They walk inside, and just as they’re pressing the button to floor 3, the man walks into the elevator with them. Autumn, who’s clearly uncomfortable, presses the button and waits very impatiently for the elevator to get to their floor. They finally make it there, so Autumn and Jamie walk out, but the man doesn’t. Neither of them notice this, so they each say their goodbyes and head to their rooms, and go to bed.

Autumn wakes up, and sits up, only to see that it was midnight. She looks out of her window to look at the stars. But, ends up seeing the man who was following her earlier. He was watching her, stalking her. Then he fell. He fell off the roof, onto the ground. But, when Autumn opened her window and looked down, he wasn’t there. It was like he just disappeared. “What the..? It’s like he disappeared into thin air…” Autumn says, very confused as to how a normal human could do that. She walks out of her room, walking over to Jamie’s room. She knocks on her door, but no answer. So she tries to open the door, which is oddly unlocked. “Jamie..? Your door isn’t normally unlocked. Is everything okay?” Autumn asks, looking around for Jamie. She looks everywhere, but doesn’t find Jamie, until she finds a note on her bed. The note says, “Jamie is gone. And you may be next.”

Autumn reads the note, now very concerned. She puts the note into her pocket, and starts thinking about where Jamie could’ve gone, or where she could be. The sewers, an alleyway, a warehouse, there’s so many possibilities of where she could be. So, Autumn decides to go back to bed, and deal with this tomorrow. Maybe Jamie will be back tomorrow. She enters her room, closes her window, and goes back to bed. She wakes up, and walks over to Jamie’s room. She knocks on her door, but no answer again. So she tries to open it. It’s still unlocked. So Autumn decides to look around to see if Jamie was kidnapped, which is the worst possible thing, or if this is another one of her pranks, which would be the best possible thing. Yet she finds no sign of Jamie leaving. All of the windows are locked, there’s nothing broken, no footsteps, nothing. Besides the unlocked door, but, it was locked. So the only way she could’ve been kidnapped, would possibly be the kidnapper had picked the lock.

Autumn looks around, now extremely scared. “What happened to Jamie?” Autumn wonders. “And what will happen to me?“ Autumn thinks, very worried and scared now. Autumn decides to look for Jamie the next day, and use this day to look around for more clues, rather than calling the police. She has decided that calling the police would be her second option, yet probably the better option. So, she looks around, and finds some rope by the window, and a hat. Both most likely are the kidnappers, because Jamie never had any rope, or a hat that looks like this. It’s a fedora. Plus, it looks just like the fedora that the unidentified man that was stalking them earlier was wearing. So, now the unidentified man is her main suspect. He was following them earlier, went into the same apartment building that they live in, and went into the same elevator, onto the same floor. Autumn walks out of Jamie’s room, puts the evidence in her room, and walks out to the lobby to see if the man is still here.

Evidently, the man was sitting there, reading a book. But, this time he wasn’t wearing a hat. Autumn walks up to him, and says, “excuse me sir, but is this your hat?” The man looks up from his book, and responds with, “yes. Yes it is. Where did you find it?” Then, Autumn realizes that this is the perfect time to expose him right in front of other people. “Oh, I found it in my friends room. And the door was unlocked. Without her in there.” The man finally realizes his mistake, and tries to cover it up. “What? Which room and which floor? This is my hat, but it could’ve gone through the window since the day I lost it was a pretty windy day.” “Well, I found it nowhere near the window. I found it in her kitchen. And the window wasn’t open. Only the door was open. So, care to explain?” Autumn asks, now feeling very confident that she’s caught him. The man looks very nervous, and decides to respond with, “well, that is in fact my hat, but I have no idea as to how it got into your friends room.” Autumn realizes that he’s trying to play dumb, and walks over to the receptionist. She whispers to the woman, “please call the police and tell them to come here. That man has kidnapped my friend and I need help.” The receptionist does as she says, and calls the police. Autumn walks back over to the man, and says, “well, then we’ll find out how it got into my friends room soon.” Autumn walks over to a chair, drags it over to in front of the man, and sits down on it right in front of him, so he cannot escape until the police come.

The police finally come, and the man finally realizes what’s happening. The police shout out, “we know what you did! Please come out and there will be no harm done.” The man obeys, and stands up, walking out of the apartment building. “There. You caught me.” the man says, not sounding too genuine. The police push him into the car as he is saying this, and drive off after talking with Autumn. But, Autumn still doesn’t know where Jamie is. “Could he really be a kidnapper?” Autumn thinks, rethinking her decision. But, she walks back inside, thanks the receptionist, and walks back to her room. She has decided to talk to the police tomorrow, and see if they can help with Jamie’s kidnapping. The next day, Autumn wakes up, gets dressed, and walks outside. She makes it to the police station, and walks in. she walks over to the nearest officer and asks, “do you know where the police officers are? The ones that went over to the apartment building yesterday? I need to talk to them.” The police officer looks down, and responds with, “yes. I do.” He says this as he points over to the break room, and also says, “they’re on their break. They normally travel in that one big group, so they all should be in there.” “Thank you!” Autumn responds, walking over to the room.

Autumn knocks on the door, and the door is opened by one of the police officers. “Hello! I was wondering if the group of officers that was at the apartment building could talk to me for a second?” One of the officers walk over to Autumn and says, “I am one of them. What do you need to talk about?” Autumn responds with, “well, I was wondering if we could start a case on actually finding my friend Jamie? She was the one who was kidnapped.” “Ah. I thought there already was a case on that. But I’ll see what I can do.” The officer says. “Thank you! I really hope to find my friend” Autumn responds, sounding eager to find her friend, as one would if their friend was kidnapped. So, relieved, Autumn walks out of the police station happily. She makes it back to her apartment building, walks up to her room, and lays down on her bed, sighing. “I really hope Jamie’s okay… this seems like it would be very scary for her..” Autumn says to herself, still very concerned for Jamie.
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