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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2239912
Our introduction in to the mysteries of the unmentionable!
I suppose it was a dear friend of mine who suggested we all go in to the abandoned chicken sheds out of the rain! It had been a long walk over the hills and along the towpath of the canal. Some enterprising chap had lit a fire and as we huddled round the flames the steam from our rain soaked clothes formed large clouds around us.

It was the bright spark who suggested that as we were in a home made sauna, we should all take our clothes off. The more adventurous among us stripped everything off and amid riotous laughter began to wave penises among the girls. Secretly, I think they enjoyed that, as one or two grabbed hold of them as they flew past.

Like me, a small minority had decided to suffer with the wet clothes on our shivering bodies. However, that changed when we were taunted and shouted at as being' cowardly cowardly custard'! So. Just like everyone else, we became naked round our blazing fire. Strange to relate, it didn't seem to faze the girls, being naked among the boys. To them it was almost natural that one should be out of wet clothes as soon as possible.

The eldest chap among us was a big fellow by the name of Alfred. By far his penis was enormous and with a dark hairy chest and lots of curly hair round his penis and ball sack, he was a formidable figure. His girl friend was also 'off center' with a pink hair style and a massive tattoo on her small breasts. I was reliably informed later that it was a dragon breathing fire!

I don't know whether it was the dragon girl or Alfred who started it! But, go at it! They did! His big penis was at full power and dragon girl was holding on to it as if her life depended on it! All of a sudden he flipped her over and as she was splayed out with her hands on the ground and her ass in the air, he plunged his penis into her open clit. As he began to pump away she began to moan and shout 'more, more'!!.!

The whole gang just stood there absolutely gob smacked. We just couldn't comprehend what he was doing to her. Nobody moved or said anything. It was obvious they were both enjoying themselves so we didn't interfere!

Later in the day, I looked up in my many books ' intercourse' and discovered a whole new world of sex! My innocence had vanished and my curiosity aroused.

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