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Where is Kabooki when you need her?
It was nice really -

all was silent, the curtains were drawn over, blocking out most of the invasive sun rays. Anna took a deep breath, and exhaled through her mouth as she settled deeper into her bed. Her duvet cosied around her as she cuddled into a fetal position. She was at that stage where you were asleep but just a tiny bit awake and aware.
And then it started.

‘’I am the morning DJ, at W.O.L.D………..’’

Anna tried to block out Harry Chapin’s lyrics, as she scrunched her eyes even tighter shut. It was only 7am. Far too early to be awake. She tried to remember what she was dreaming about, and wrapped the duvet even closer to her.

‘’ Ramaya bokuco Ramaya abantu Ramaya miranda Tumbala ho’ ho’ ho’.....’’

The cheesy tunes blasted into Anna’s brain as the sun shone in even brighter into her room. Anna wasn’t not a fan of Afric Simone, but she usually didn’t listen to his music at 7 in the morning. She sighed as the song kept playing in her head - it’s corny, cringeworthy lyrics echoing in her head. Anna tried to change the song, perhaps to something more mellow, and peaceful, something that would actually help her to sleep.

''....since consolidated Whozit Subdivision of Universal-What-You-Call-It bought my old hometown......''

Bobby Bare’s energetic, lively beats echoed through Anna’s head in full blast. It surprised her because she'd been trying to listen to something more relaxing. The cowboy beats kept thudding against Anna’s brain as she scrunched her eyes up even more in a last futile attempt to go back to sleep. She prayed to her spirit animal Kabooki that she would fall asleep soon. It was far, far too early to be awake. But her spirit animal must have been asleep herself, because without any warning, Harry Chapin’s song came blasting through her head again.


Wide open.

Anna felt a pang of frustration as she resigned herself to waking up. Reaching her arms out, she tried to stretch and relieve some aches and pains in her body from last nights sleep. She only fell asleep after midnight, and for someone who usually needs 10 hours of sleep, she was lacking a few hours. Perhaps she can take a nap later on, without that stupid music playing in her head. Anna took a deep breath, and on the exhale pulled back the duvet to swing her legs out. Her feet touched the cold wooden floor as she shuffled towards her cupboard. Reaching for a hairbrush, she combed through her strands of hair, enjoying the light, pokey, prickly massage. Her bedroom came with an ensuite, so it took her just a few seconds to reach the bathroom. As she methodically scrubbed her teeth with a wooden toothbrush, Anna thought about what she would do that day. It was still her holidays, and her lecturers in college had given them no homework so they could enjoy their break properly. While Anna was glad she had no compulsory work to do, she also missed having the routine, and being busy with something to do. She got bored easily, and to be honest, just three days into her holidays, she was already over it. It was hard to stay motivated to study, and then she was too lazy to go outside for walks or exercise.

Anna spat out the excess toothpaste, rinsed with cold water, and turned back towards her room. Her clothes from the day before were carelessly flung over the chair, the socks poking out the end of her leggings. She quickly pulled on some leggings and a baggy t-shirt, and fixed her hair. The exhaustion hadn’t hit her yet, but it would most likely come later. Now, she just needed a strong coffee, preferably with two sugars. She walked towards her door, and placed a hand on the handle.

She turned it.

Word count - 648 words

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